Eve To Adam, Message From Sylvia and Blacklite District fuel the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill!

Eve To Adam

Eve To Adam

The Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill in Mansfield, Ohio gave us another Hump-Day concert last week featuring: Eve To Adam, Message From Sylvia and Blacklite District. Each band was distinct in their own separate ways. The bands were amazing as they were excited to perform for the first-time in our area. The opportunity to see, hear and meet the artists up-close was a additional benefit as well!

The Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill supplied the beverages, food and ambience, along with several additional new  bartenders the night flowed smoothly, tastefully and without a hitch as the fans enjoyed the night! The pro-active approach of the management is always interested in positive improvement to enhance their patrons experience at the venue/restaurant. The refining and aggressive approach is reviewed daily and promptly addressed within their scope of business aptitude! This is one of the biggest reasons, we believe the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill is viewed as the “#1 Entertainment Venue between Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio”.

If you haven’t visited the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill yet, stop by and catch the local musical or national acts on-stage or have lunch or dinner. We believe you will be pleasantly surprised by this jewel of a business in North Central Ohio!

Blacklite District

Blacklite District wasn’t your ordinary band. This trio of musicians dazzled the fans with their masked DJ within a booth and two guitarists/vocalists. No, this wasn’t some electro Hip-Hop band spinning their way through the night. These guys actually play on all of the recorded music spun by the DJ and quite frankly this impressed me.

So what you hear is three musicians sounding as if their are five members in the band performing. Certainly the travel aspects reduces equipment hauling, while the overall sound was magnificent. This style allows the band to get their music noticed quickly and ensures a definitive sound on any given night. While some critics might argue the originality of the recording isn’t live, I found it interesting and savvy. The vocalist was spot-on and the guitar work was sparkling. The added recorded music progressed the sound of the band as it was quite tasteful!

Blacklite District Photo Gallery.

“I highly recommend you give Blacklite District a look when they tour your area. Armed with tunes that quickly cascade your soul into a pleuthora  of aura, Blacklite District will definitely surprise you. Besides given opportunity to discover the bands setup of  less overhead, travel compatibility, versatility and start-up, you may be seeing a trend in the future of music performance!”

– Jim Carver/The RustBeltChronicles.com

Message From Sylvia

Message From Sylvia knocked my sock’s off! These guys came to perform and gave their all to those in attendance. While I was not familiar with their music, Message From Sylvia quickly won-over many new fans and were dynamic in the theater of performance Lead vocalist, Matthew Nevitt was astounding with his voice and stage presence, while the band members were infectious with their stage presence and musicality! The tonal qualities and harmonics were clean, while their original tunes were marvelous.

Message From Sylvia Photo Gallery.

“The band shimmied, rocked and gave us a positive vibe that everyone I spoke with loved. Watching Message From Sylvia perform was a delight and their professional approach and demeanor assures the band will quickly become a well-known commodity soon. It was inspiring to hear their well-written songs and see these gents give us a passionate, well-groomed performance!”

Don’t miss Message From Sylvia when they hit your city. I believe their future is quite bright!

– Jim Carver/The RustBeltChronicles.com


Eve To Adam

Eve To Adam hit the stage and let fans know immediately the band was on-fire with their music, vocals and energy! They were definitely taking no prisoners as they hit us with a hard-rockin’ expose of determination! I’ve never heard Eve To Adam before, but I can tell you these musicians from Queens, New York are abundant of talent and fueled for a robust night of entertainment. Between their epic tunes and showmanship this band is fueled to give you an outstanding performance!

Eve To Adam Photo Gallery.

“Eve To Adam shot through their material like a cannon! Vocalist, Taki Sassaris is a dynamic and powerful singer. His muscle may look like it’s all in his arms, but his voice is ripped with energy! The guitarists dazzled all night as they took turns coming out of the shadows and giving us searing solos and epic riffs. The bassist and drummer fettered their way like a fine-tuned machine, providing us with a derivative of power, staggering rhythms, accents and solid progressions.”

With their “Tongue Tied Tour” progressing across the USA, catch Eve To Adam and buckle-up. You’re in for quite a ride!

– Jim Carver/The RustBeltChronicles.com

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