Effective Immediately: Major Change at The Rust Belt Chronicles!

Last week, I mentioned that I would be making a major announcement regarding The Rust Belt Chronicles.

If you’re lucky, there comes a time when you discover rare talent with a distinct focus of passion and kindness.  Add the fortitude, precision insight, perceptual awareness with a 7th business sense on steroids and you’d think I am writing about someone who has a higher degree of education with decades of experience.

Erica M. Lenhoff.  Photography credit: Chris Douglas.

Quite the opposite, this home-schooled young lady is Erica M. Lenhoff, who definitively separates herself from the pack at the age of only 24-years old!

Often when we are on the road, I’ll come up with an idea or comment on a business subject and Erica’s response is invariably a humbling, “I Know”.  That spirited positive force of business affirmation is an inspiration to me. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Erica is a trusting, honest person that also possesses the interaction observation to make connections. Her growing network of fans is due to her diligent thought and skills. As our Chief Creative Officer she’s contributed with professional photography, writing, marketing and sales representative. I know there’s no challenge this young lady cannot conquer!

Her business sense depth of seeing “the idea”, four or five steps down the road is what Lebron James does on the basketball floor.  Erica is our Lebron James.  She is a Leader, a visionary and the future of the Rust Belt Chronicles!  A former student of my music mentor, David A. Wells once remarked that David would tell her, she was in the ‘2% Club’.   Miss Lenhoff has the distinct gift to be in that rare successful group of innovators into the future. I can’t imagine

Erica M. Lenhoff. Photography credit: Chris Douglas.

Erica has only been with us a couple of months but her rise to success is the stuff people write books about! She has developed her own interview, live-streaming show, ‘Rock Moment’ and played a large role in our genre expansion. Erica’s passion, drive and character is a positive force exuberated with the assuredness few possess.

I am so blessed to have found such a “winner” and here’s the announcement:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Please Welcome Erica M. Lenhoff as the new President of Paradiddle Publishing/The Rust Belt Chronicles.

The President of The Rust Belt Chronicles, Erica M. Lynhoff!

Erica M. Lenhoff!
Erica grew-up quick in a family spirit founded on sound work with strong moral ethics.
Learned under the apprenticeship of one of the “1st Thirteen Pastry Chefs in America“.
She had Co-managed the awarded ‘Best Bakery’ in Cleveland, “What’s For Dessert? Inc.” At the age of 17 the family business won on Fox 8’s Hotlist for Cleveland’s best wedding cake services.

On Wedding Wire, “What’s for Dessert?” Inc. came within the top 5% in the Nation for best wedding cakes and wedding cake services.
She was introduced to photography through modeling in Cleveland and through that endeavour she found a passion behind the camera after the family bakery had retired. Miss Lenhoff has a Love for music as well as Latin Dance.

Erica was a former Dual Associate and Manager on Duty in a nationwide photography studio starting in North Carolina and returned to Ohio.  She had been within the top 30 sales associates within the region and normally within the top 5 sales associates weekly.  She had boken company record for revenue in 2015, and had been part of the management team that lead the Stow, Ohio location to #1 store for sales average and revenue for the year of 2015.

During the day, a Branch Manager of a sucessful office she is continuously goal oriented and driven on the paths to company success.

Founder and CEO, Jim Carver.

I am thrilled and honored to announce Erica as our new President moving forward. In her eyes I see the future – as bright as her smile!  Please welcome Erica in her new position.

With Erica M. Lenhoff taking-over as President of Paradiddle Publishing/The Rust Belt Chronicles, I  (Jim Carver), have become the Founder/CEO.  I will still share my regular duties as before.  Between our existing coverage and music genre growth we are excited to see what the future brings us!








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Jim Carver About Jim Carver

Jim Carver is the President of The Rust Belt Chronicles.

In 2004, Jim graduated from North Central State College with a degree in Business Information Technology. Jim developed "Rock Lines" news report online in 2010.After a trial-run of The Rust Belt Chronicles in April of 2013, Jim decided to make his dream a reality in 2014 by re-launching The Rust Belt Chronicles.


  1. Congratulations Erica and The Rust Belt Chronicles! It looks like you’ll have to change your author by-line Jim! I hope to see you all soon.

  2. Congratulations! I look forward to meeting you!

  3. Charles Piccola says:

    Congrats Erica!!!!!!

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