Dread Engine wsg/ Ignite The Fire, My Beloved and Sada Abe at the Bethel Road Pub

Bethal Road PUBBethel Road Pub Welcomes Ignite the Fire!

Sada Abe

Sada Abe at the Bethel Road Pub. All Photos: Rockin' Al

Sada Abe kicked things off with a forty-minute set of mostly originals but included some covers. Hailing from Bucyrus, Ohio this three-piece band was out on their maiden voyage. Solid original songs kept things gritty and grinding!

My Beloved

My Beloved at the Bethel Road Pub. All Photos: Rockin' Al

My Beloved is fronted by female vocalist Courtney Stone with a classic voice made for rock. Busting through a solid set of promising originals including and intimate acoustic guitar performance about mid-set. Getting back to the heavier side of things My Beloved played “Much to Me”, a new song and a headbanger fans will welcome. Completing their set with “Scars” by Papa Roach really allowed the vocals to shine through and had the crowd singing along to this stellar cover.

Ignite The Fire

Ignite the Fire at the Bethel Road Pub. All Photos: Rockin' Al

I got a chance to talk with the members of Ignite the Fire prior to their show. We talked about upcoming gigs, an upcoming EP, what influences them, the state of Rock music from their perspective, and how they enjoy our state. Full of great energy, the band was in no way short on information and perspective. One of the things that make bands great, besides great music, is the ability to connect with the Rock ‘n Roll family, no matter where they are.

New Music and Enhanced Direction

Ignite the Fire are currently working on a new EP and are channeling all of their experiences from the last six years. Things learned over that time enabled them to take the next step in songwriting and musicianship. Not surprising the new album, due out in the early part of 2018, will showcase a more mature band. They are stepping outside the boundaries while harnessing all things positive. You can expect the new EP to follow what they have already set in place while evolving to the next level.

The Club Scene

The band all agreed the current club scene is a great way to stay up close with their fans. They noted when on large stages the drum kit might be 40 feet from the front row, but in a club, it can be only several feet away from the crowd. This closeness allows for the positive energy in their music to be realized, for existing fans, as well as audience members that are getting their first taste of Ignite The Fire. You will want to catch them on the club circuit before they are doing larger stages on a consistent basis. As a bonus, you are likely to catch them hanging out at the merch table after the gig, and I suggest you say hello, you won’t regret it.


When talking about influences the band compliments each other’s tastes very well. Caelan sites Breaking Benjamin, Red, and Shinedown. Holly is a huge Muse fan citing “Chris is an incredible bassist”, Mike digs Tony IommiAlter Bridge, and Breaking Benjamin. Jack likes HIM (for vocals), Slipknot (for anger), Pink Floyd (for patience) and Andrew WK (for happiness). Mark listens to Disturbed, Sevendust (for songwriting and beats), Decyfer Down (for their message) and Red (to help people get through life). You can better understand their direction after seeing the similar yet eclectic influences that fuel Ignite the Fire.


Ignite the Fire are from Maryland, but Ohio has been a great host state for them. Since their appearance at Ink In The Clink in 2017 things have opened up for them in the Buckeye state. Ignite the Fire are hopeful this will help them continue their trek westward, as well as down the east coast, spreading their music to awaiting fans.

Their Set at Bethel Road Pub

Although it was cold outside, the heat was cranked inside the Bethel Road Pub when Ignite the Fire lit up the stage. Starting out with “Over It” they roared to life drawing the crowd to the front of the stage. Quickly moving on to “Remember Me” with crisp guitars and crunching bass and commanding the stage moving about in a frenzy. They settled down for just a bit to bust out “Breathe” with Jack Gurecki’s vocals climbing to epic heights during the chorus.

“Lazarus” started out with lighters and phone lights in the air before picking up and showing the crowd what Ignite the Fire has in store for them on the new EP. “Blow Me Away” and “Echos” followed and brought their set towards the finish line. Ending their night with “Criticize”, they got the fans to join in on the vocals and bring their set to completion.

You need to check out this high energy, good message band. They are in your face with their music and will leave you wanting more. Spread the word and watch for Ignite the Fire’s return to Ohio at the Bethel Road Pub on January 13th, 2018.

In the meantime grab yourself a copy of their current EP “Trial and Triumph”, trust me, you will be blown away.

Jack Gurecki – Vocals
Mark Quinn – Guitars
Michael Nelson – Guitars
Holly Smith – Bass
Caelan Gregory – Drums

Website – Ignite the Fire

Facebook – Ignite the Fire

Dread Engine

Dread Engine at the Bethel Road Pub. All Photos: Rockin' Al

Hitting the stage to close the night out was Dread Engine. The Columbus, Ohio area natives had their following out in full force awaiting the onslaught of in your face metal. Ferociously attacking every song Dread Engine had the crowd engaged with their set of originals. A great vocal mixture featuring melody and growls complimented the heavy backline well. Bouncing back and forth with vocal duties, Sam and Rick worked the stage like their personal playground.

Dread Engine is a high energy, heart pounding, take no prisoners band. If you have not had a chance to catch a show yet, check out their facebook for a listing. It is rare to see such a talented band with great songs on such a small stage.

Sam Stockdale – Lead Vocals
Rick Kaercher – Digital Engineer, Vocals
Jake Spears – Guitar
Brian Kuhn – Drums
Johnathan Collins – Bass
Tommy Sartin – Guitar

Website – Dread Engine

Facebook – Dread Engine


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