Dread Engine w/ The World I Knew ROMP all over the Bethel Rd Pub

Sam Stockdale – Dread Engine – Photo Credit: Jaime Courtney – Creative Strokes by Jaime

The Real Deal

Sometimes I get to cover national touring acts or simply see one as a fan, and on some occasions, I have had the misfortune of being disappointed by the lack of energy and enthusiasm by the headliner or opening act. To some acts, it has become a grind and a job. These occasional acts could learn a few things from Dread Engine (DE) and The World I Knew (TWIK).

Dread Engine / The World I knew, “I knew my Engine Tour” – Summer 2018

This past Saturday, September 9th, 2017, Dread Engine and The World I Knew, stomped all over the Bethel Road Pub, leaving the crowd in a frenzy and the building a little less stable than before. Attention record label CEO’s Looking for two high energy bands that can create Rock On the Range style mosh pits in a club? Look no further! Send your agents, you’re A&R people, your tour buses and your contracts. Sign these two bands now and get em out on tour! I for one would pay for front row tics for the Dread Engine / The World I knew, “I knew my Engine Tour” – Summer 2018. If you stayed home Saturday night to watch the Buckeye Football game, all I can say is sorry. Your loss. (Buckeyes too)

Sebastion Shock

Sebastion Shock – Photo Credit: Jaime Courtney – Creative Strokes by Jaime

Getting the show under way was Sebastion Shock’s, solo acoustic set. Sebastion is the front man for The Lost Boyz, a Columbus Metal band currently on hiatus. Sebastion is quite comfortable behind the acoustic guitar, covering many songs popular with the crowd and performing some originals, and a popular tune from The Lost Boyz, “Ohio”. Sebastion continued to entertain after his opening set, by appearing on stage in between sets of the other bands and performing 2 or 3 songs to the delight of the crowd. Later in the evening the lovely Courtney Stone, singer for My Beloved joined Sebastion for a due cover of Linkin Park’s, “Leave Out All the Rest” a song about moving on and humility. The house was totally down with the duo, and it is my suggestion they get together on stage again soon!

Sebastion Shock slide show


Resistance13- Photo Credit: Jaime Courtney – Creative Strokes by Jaime

On stage, next was Resistance 13 out of Wheeling WV. Resistance 13 consists of Jeremy Wright – Vocals, Louie Balk – Drums, Bryan Meeks – Bass, Joe Pittner-  Guitar and Tommy Markwas – Guitar.

Jeremy Wright – Resistance13 – Photo Credit: Jaime Courtney – Creative Strokes by Jaime

Resistance13 comes to the stage with a message: Quoting from their Facebook Page; “All we need is each other working together as one unified body. A brotherhood of United States citizens willing to “resist” the temptations of a materialistic, hateful, pessimistic world. We don’t need a stimulus or tax cuts all we need are helping hands and to be reeducated on what we used to stand for. Those qualities were Respect, Dignity, Unity, Integrity, Perseverance, Determination, Justice, Education, Empathy and most importantly…. Love.” They further describe themselves; “The formula for Resistance 13 is simple. Take an aggressive, upbeat, high energy show and mix it with a message of indescribable positivity.”

Resistance13 performed a very highly charged set, very heavy riffs, and extra heavy vocals all with an upbeat positive message of their music. These guys not only bring it musically, but their stage presence is well thought out and engaging. The band energy and musicianship quickly caught the attention of headbangers in the club who may not have heard the band from West Virginia before. The area in front of the stage was quickly packed. Resistance13 gave up songs like “P.S.B.” , “Ocular Truth”, “Sympathize”, “Misguided” and “Little Sister”. They even treated the crowd with a fantastic cover of Aerosmith’s “Dream On”, Resistance13 style. The crowd was really rocking by now and the bands mastery of the 70’s classic was noticed by the crowd the musicians there to play with other bands.

I really enjoyed Reistance13’s set and I look forward to hearing more from these guys, their heavy sound, their upbeat message. Check em out on line on their FaceBook page, and go see em next time they are near you.

Resistance13 slide show

The World I Knew

Wesley Merritt – TWIK – Photo Credit: Jaime Courtney – Creative Strokes by Jaime

Torch Passed

NEXT UP: Well before we get into next. Do you remember the first time you heard KISS ALIVE II? Metallica’s “Kill em All”? KORN’s self-titled debut? or Linkin Park’s “Meteora”?  Add the next two bands current and coming releases to that list! If you can make a compelling case to the opposite, please see me at the next show I cover, convince me, and drinks are on me! These two bands are part of the new generation, the torch has been passed and they are making it glow bright!

The World I Knew (TWIK) took over the club next. TWIK from Cincinnati, describes their music as “TrapMetal”, “Fusing Metalcore with modern rap and hip-hop. Brutal riffs, Face melting breakdowns, combined with groovy trap beats with intense lyrical depth” They credit Killswitch Engage, Bring Me the Horizon and The Devil Wears Prada, just to name a few as influences. So, I was ready for a heavy show. Or was I?

Jared Saleski – TWIK – Photo Credit: Jaime Courtney – Creative Strokes by Jaime

To say TWIK is a heavy band would be inaccurate. They are HEAVY, HEAVY and HEAVY. Face melting? Damn right. Straight from the gate this band ripped the faces off the crowd as they hammered into their set. Offering up killer songs like “Chains”, “FuckA9-5” and “Part of Growing Up”, TWIK never let up on the crowd.

Wesley Merritt is a beast on vocals and he seems to appear everywhere on stage, from the very active mosh pit, standing on the stage rails, the drum riser and hanging from the club rafters. Merritt is the guide into the World the crowd was getting to know. Drummer Max Guerrero and Bassist Jared Saleski add a solid and very heavy spine to TWIK. Heavy bass lines and hard drum chops lead quickly to funky transitions that drive the TWIK sound. Rounding out the tour of the World was Alex Guerrero and Wesley Davis on Guitars, with smart riffs and searing leads that complete the metal assault of TWIK.

As I watched TWIK perform, those bands who led the way came to mind.  Anthrax, Public Enemy, NWA, RATM, KORN and Linkin Park came to mind. TWIK’s music blends them all, but make no mistake, TWIK is not those bands. They are very much their own band, with their own BIG and HEAVY sound. They are all they claim to be and more. Look for them to return to Columbus soon! Go online and check them out on Facebook. Go see their next show! See what the buzz is all about, and flat out just enjoy a damn good kickass band.

The World I Knew slide show

Dred Engine

Rick Kaercher – Dread Engine – Photo Credit: Jaime Courtney – Creative Strokes by Jaime

Before the audio nerves could return to normal Dread Engine took the stage. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Dread Engine demands national attention. Hear me record company executives! The mosh pit barely had any time to even cool off from TWIK before Dread Engine lit it up again! How many clubs can you enter in America and find “Rock on The Range” quality mosh pits, scaled down of course? The answer is none. This is the reality of a Dread Engine show. Wake up major labels.

Dread Engine describes themselves as a “unique Electonica / Rock / Metal hybrid sound, Dread Engine is a band that brings high energy and fresh perspective to the “mashup” genre. Built off the principles of limitless collaboration, every member of Dread Engine offers a distinct background and musical history. Our differences refine our sound, making us an unbridled sonic force. “

A force indeed. Dread Engine’s set was tight and hard. They ripped into their set, some from their 2017 release “Deception by Design”. There was no deception in the talent and intensity as they performed “Apex Predator”, “Guillotine”, “Devils Den”, “I Don’t Think So” and “As Good As You Say”

Tommy Sartin – Dread Engine – Photo Credit: Jaime Courtney – Creative Strokes by Jaime

For “Bad to You” took time to recognize a young fan. Twelve-year-old Connor took the stage with them to perform the song on guitar. Connor is the student of DE guitarist Tommy Sartin. Connor played like he belonged in the band, and the crowd ate it up. After Connor left the stage, DE finished up their set with “Depersonalize”, “Escape” and “Coward”.

Dread Engines sound is huge. Guitarists Jake Spears and Tommy Sartin transition expertly through the changes in the DE repertoire. Brian Kuhn on Drums and Johnathan Collins on Bass, provide the thunder that fuels the ever present and moving mosh pit, and then comes Stockdale and Kaercher on vocals.

Either Sam Stockdale or Rick Kaercher could front this band alone, but together they bring a quality of vocals and musicianship to the stage that is fresh and unique. Stockdale is out in front and is all over the stage. He interacts with the fans, whips up the frenzy and joins right in with the mosh pit. Like hurricane Irma, he is a force that must be respected. I would say Kaercher quietly goes about adding to the vocal intensity of DE, but that would be inaccurate. While his presence on stage is not as in your face as Stockdale, his vocals are very much in your face, powerful when he howls, you quickly move your eyes to find him on stage!

Towards the end of the set we discovered it was Rick Kaercher’s birthday so it was time for his spankens provide by his band mates and members of the crowd. DE loves their fans and it shows with the interaction and the show they deliver. Make plans to get out and see this band quickly! You won’t regret it.

Dred Engine slide show

Sam Stockdale – Photo Credit: Jaime Courtney – Creative Strokes by Jaime

OSU football may have been the order of the day in Columbus this past Saturday, and the Buckeyes left one on the field, but the crowd at The Bethel Road Pub was the real winner that night. DE and TWIK didn’t let us down. No passes dropped or balls fumbled. The crowd got more than its money worth. The quality of the shows was top notch and all the bands went above and beyond. I really look forward to seeing these two acts get together again and I will continue my call for the world “I knew my Engine Tour” – Summer 2018!!!


Thanks to all the bands. Every one of you rocked my world! Special thanks to Sam Stockdale for taking the time to answer all my random texts and input on my stories. Thanks to the staff of The Bethel Road Pub for being gracious hosts, serving up great foods and concocting tasty drinks. Thanks to Jaime Courtney of The Rust Belt Chronicles for the great pics! And thanks to the Hard Rock and Metal fans for coming out to support these great bands. See you next time!


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