Doyle and “Abominator The World Tour 2017” hits The Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill!



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The Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill in Mansfield, Ohio was taken over Friday night by the bands of horror rock. Fans awaited the headlining band Doyle, created by the famous ex-Misfits guitarist, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein. Also on the bill were Element A440 with the local bands, TRIBES and Hymn For A Harlot. I don’t think we all could’ve asked for a better line-up.

Our local venue had the floor as well as the bar stools packed from the moment the night began to the time that it had ended.  The Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill really has a clean and quick system in place that I personally appreciate starting from getting your wrist band to ordering your first drink for the night.  The doormen are kind and the bartenders are professional and always smiling.  Our beloved bands are taken care of and respected here and the same principle goes for their customers.  It is a fantastic venue in Mid-Ohio that band members as well as fans can truly enjoy!


Hymn For A Harlot

Hymn For A Harlot

Hymn For A Harlot were the opener. The band from Mt. Vernon, Ohio gave us a great show, armed in face-paint, horns and setting the tone for a night of freaky entertainment. Their monstrous sound reverberated through the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill loudly. It appeared the band arrived late. I don’t know if they had a earlier gig or road trouble, but what we thought was a sound-check was actually the start their show.

Their original material was effective and the audience seemed captivated. Although I’ve never seen Hymn For A Harlot before, they are passionate about their musical performance. Their macabre stage presence added an additional layer of entertainment as the young men stormed through their set!

Hymn For A Harlot put Mt. Vernon on the musical map as they performed their material. Checkout the band when you get the opportunity! Their charisma, stage presence and tunes definitely will have your bones and mind vibrating in anticipation of the unexpected!

Hymn For A Harlot Photo Gallery.


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Lead vocalist, Ken Purdy

TRIBES is a ferocious ensemble. The quintet of experienced musicians hail from Mansfield, Norwalk and Wakeman, Ohio. The band revels in their original tunes which is affectionately known as “Ohio Hard Core” (Metal). It was no surprise that many fans throughout each band members demographic area traveled to see the band live. With dual guitar shredding and howling vocals, TRIBES made a splash at their first appearance at the Whiskey Bar & Grill!

TRIBES bassist, Joseph Cox.

Lead vocalist, Ken Purdy gave us a sweltering mix of gut-wrenching vocals. His fierce growls and tone definitely let everyone know this man means business. The ghoulish climatic undertones and subsequent unleashed tenacity were a treat to the ears! Both guitarists performed like rock stars between their powerful riffs and piercing solos. These embellished notes were a brutal display of sound!

Bassist, Joseph Cox was picking his way across the fret providing the band with a tone that would make any Boom Box in a car look mighty pale in comparison. The drummer sweat his beard-off as he plummeted the drums and cymbals into oblivion. The thunderous double-bass drums and fills were clear with temptation to make any Mosher happy!

TRIBES is not a band for the meek-hearted. This band is full of thunder and takes no prisoners. With raw original music captivating the crowd, TRIBES will make you forget about the world around you!

TRIBES Photo Gallery.


Lead vocalist, Halo.

The crowd was ready when Element A440 entered the stage.  The band started off with a creepy melodic track as they took their places.   They played their best known songs such as; “Kookie Kutter”, “Burn it Down” as well as “Freak” and ‘Porn Star” graced our ears and eyes with a horrifyingly beautiful performance.

Halo on lead vocals was very interactive with the crowd, he would step from the stage to balancing on the dividing rail reaching out to his fans allowing fellow Rockers to touch his head or hit his knees to the beat of the song.  During Halo’s creepy smooth vocals leading up to his beautiful screams he would take his finger and go around bopping the noses of the Rockettes at the front of the crowd ever so gently giving everyone anticipation for the chorus. 

Element A440 Bassist, Katt.

Katt, the band’s Bassist had mad skills and delivered them beautifully in the most creepy way. Her stage performance at the intro of Freak was incredible where she had moved like a broken doll as the whole band wore masks. She let the fans tap on her bass and interacted playfully with guitarist, Solus.

Solus would cross the stage swinging his guitar to the freakish sway of their songs he had a huge smile on his face interacting with Halo and the crowd. Solus and Katt did a bit together and had the crowd going.

Leading the solid beats that stormed our ears and blew our minds was none other than Seven on Drums.  You could tell that she put her all into the music and that is what really makes a fantastic performance. She slashed the cymbals and hit each drum like it was what she was born to do. 

All together Element A440 was a sight shocker and a mind blower in the very best way.   The band’s latest album is ‘Intravenous Nursery Rhymes‘ and I highly recommend getting it in your hands. If you ever get the chance to see Element A440 in concert, I recommend that you take the opportunity because for me it was a night to remember.

Element A440 Photo Gallery. 

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Finally the time had come for us to be graced by the band Doyle! They entered the stage like nobody’s business and immediately had the fans going.  They played tracks off their album, ‘Abominator‘ like “Cemeterysexxx”, “Mark of the Beast”, “Abominator” ect…

Bassist, Brandon Strate.

We had Cancerslug Alex ‘Wolfman’ Story on lead vocals. Alex released the haunting lyrics hunched over and bent backward and took to the floor as his strong vocals left his body. He really put himself into the music. After the first song Alex stated with melancholy, “This next song is a love song and you can dance around a little to it.” He did this in similar variations Three sets in a row which kept everyone headbanging.


Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein

We had Brandon Strate on the bass passing through the stage front to back from the shadows into the light, screaming segments into the microphone. It was also a special visit to the Ohio scene for Brandon where he was reunited with his Two brothers. Ohio welcomes you back Brandon! 

Now everyone’s center of attention in any concert we have our drummer to pay homage, hello Brandon Pertzborn.  Brandon is a musician at best out of Grapevine, TX .  He won us over as soon as he began beating away at the drums and he thrashed our hearts with each cymbal slashed.  

Last but not least we have our lead guitarist, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein (ex-Misfits) rocking his signature guitar as well as his signature look; white warpaint on his face, logo armbands and devils-lock hair. You know what your ears are about to receive when you see Doyle enter the stage. The band as a whole had the crowd going and together created beautifully horrifying rock. It was a night to remember. You can now reorder the band’s second album As We Die. It will be released Spring of 2017 so only a few weeks left until its in our hands.

Peace be with you fellow rockers.

-Erica M. Lenhoff.

Doyle Photo Gallery.

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