Departure (Journey and Classic Rock) at the Whiskey Warehouse Tonight!

Departure (Journey/Classic Rock) 

Departure (Journey/Classic Rock) returns to the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill tonight! At one-time, Departure was one of Mansfield, Ohio’s best kept secrets. As we’ve covered this band over the years, I am proud to say these incredible musicians are now rapidly appearing at venues between Central, Ohio to the Lake Erie Islands. The popularity of the dominant music of Journey interspersed with additional Classic Rock tunes; provides a great night of fun, dancing and partying! Departure are finally being recognized as one of the best Journey and Classic Rock bands in Ohio!

With the warm temperatures rising why not celebrate the night away with Departure at the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill. The beverages will be flowing, the delicious food will be flying out of the kitchen, that spacious outdoor patio for socializing, the huge dance floor, lights and Departure onstage; will provide you with the perfect setting to start the weekend!

President, Erica M. Lenhoff will interview Departure on her, “Rock Moment” after the show along with myself. Stop out it’s free admission and it’s time to Rock!

Departure is Lead Vocalist/Bassist Bill Cornell. His experience is rich as are his vibrant vocals and linear bass runs.  Lead Guitarist, Vocalist, Charlie Keffalas is the finest guitarist to ever come out of Mid-Ohio! Always has, always will be! Herman “Kid” Kline on Keyboards/Guitar/Vocals is the “Music Teacher” of the band, always perfect with his harmonies and luscious musical improvisations.  Mr. Tommy Allen on Drums/Percussion is the steam behind the band as the young man delivers a potent punch with sonic precision!

Mr. Bill Cornell

I have had the pleasure of performing in many bands throughout the years with Bill Cornell since we were 15 years old! Anybody remember, “Hot Ice”? All those times during a guitar solo or passage he turns, walking towards me as he plays those bass lines; smiling- as he nods at me; defines the spirit of Rock N’ Roll. That shared moment has been one of the happiest experiences in my life.

I will always remember our friendship and musical journey! His Mother, Barb Cornell along with his Sister, Wendy is usually in attendance. Barb, defines the perfect “Band Mom”. She’s still my “Band Mom” (and I don’t play in the band). 45 years later, I love you all!

As some of you know, I was once a member of Departure. Seven years later, having not touched a drum, I’ve been given the opportunity to perform on a couple of songs with my favorite musicians tonight. It will be an honor and I want to thank Departure from the bottom of my heart!

Who:  Departure (Journey/Classic Rock)

Where:  Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill

1400 West 4th Street, Mansfield, Ohio

When: Friday, June 16th, 2017. Music begins 8:30 p.m. – 12:30 a.m.

Free Admission



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