Deep Purple with Alice Cooper and The Edgar Winter Band set for Blossom Music Center on Saturday!

Deep Purple

Deep Purple, Alice Cooper and The Edgar Winter Band will obliterate the night-air at Blossom Music Center on Saturday, September 9th as Live Nation brings us an exceptional night of music entertainment!  All three bands will perform selections from their decades of hit recordings and their newest music recordings on tour. Those timeless masterpieces from these three unique bands all assisted in creating the genre of “Hard Rock”.

This is a must-see concert event!

The significance of these three bands in the history of rock music is a great reason to buy your tickets now!


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Deep Purple brings its “Long Goodbye Tour” to NEO. Will it be their last?  It will certainly be their first visit back to the Cleveland area since last year’s induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  Drummer, Ian Paice suffered a mini-stroke last year causing Deep Purple to cancel shows (incredibly, since the formation of Deep Purple in 1968, Ian had never missed a show).  Since then, band members have discussed the future of Deep Purple and other interests.  Ian Paice’s rebound is nice to see as he never misses a beat!

Take one listen to the new video recording below of  “All I Got Is You” at how Mr. Paice introduces a jazz groove to the opening and with the band joining the momentum it evolves into the baroque style of a Deep Purple shuffle.  His recovery in his health is evident as Ian incorporates the technic of Buddy Rich charisma and jazz technique he’s displayed for over 50 years.

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The 2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees have released a powerful new CD, fittingly enough named: “inFinite” (by the legendary producer Bob Ezrin). Following the heels of the highly successful last album, NOW What?!  also produced by Bob Ezrin. Fans will be delighted to hear Deep Purple are in their finest hour once again, delivering the structured musical elements that invoke their powerful signature sound with emotions between the voice of Ian Gillan while forging the musical familiarity of Ian Paice (drummer), Roger Glover (bass), Steve Morse (guitar) and Don Airey on keyboards. inFinite is a delight to the ears!

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Since 1968, Deep Purple’s music has reached millions upon millions of fans, throughout the world. Original member and keyboardist, Jon Lord infused the Hammond B3 organ (sadly, missing in the music industry today) sound with the effective use of Leslie speakers, resulting into induced touches of Classical Music painted against the guitar reflection of Progressive Rock, Medieval, Blues, Rock and a bit of Funk during the bands history. By 1974, Deep Purple literally was “bigger than Led Zeppelin!

Despite feast, fathom, fame, line-up changes, the recording industry collapse, setting the Guinness World Records as the “Loudest Band in the World” (surpassing the decibels of 747 airplane), the passing of several former band members, (keyboardist, Jon Lord, and guitarist, Tommy Bolin); Deep Purple have soldiered onThe band served as a family tree with major contributor towards developing the careers of other fine bands such as Rainbow, Whitesnake, The Ian Gillan Band; along with spawning the various solo careers of past or present members in their prestigious musical glory.

The current line-up has maintained the style and structure based solidly on professionalism, proudly never quivering from the heart of their music or their fans ears.  Between vocalist, David Coverdale’s Whitesnake projected upcoming tour and ex-Purple bassist/vocalist, Glenn Hughes on the road promoting the music of Deep Purple in celebration. Deep Purple’s greatness, turbulence and excess have appeared on stunning documentaries as these legends have seen it all!  But their music lives on!

Is “this time around”, their last?  Sadly, this will be Deep Purple’s last World tour.  While their musical catalog will live  in infinity, while the “finite” is clearly the end of a musical improvisational legacy that never will become “perfect strangers” to our ears.

Alice Cooper

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Long before Kiss, Mushroomhead, Howard Stern, Insane Clown Posse and others used theatrical masks, body paint, or shock commentary; Alice Cooper (born Vincent Fournier) invented and owned that “Shock-Rock” persona. Back on tour as if he was a man half his age with a team of incredible band members, whose fans cross generations with his voice, music and theatrics. A true Rock Star, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2011 inductee went from being a typical garage band member,  too creating the attention necessary through their look and Glam-Rock music.

Alice Cooper began as a band in 1968 out of the Detroit, Michigan area.  Their  first hit the juke-box with “Under My Wheels” and zapped the record charts with “Be My Lover” in 1972.  Some of their songs were based on a attitude of rebellion laced with excessive binge-drinking seemingly against everything establishment.  Looking at the world now, it seams mild in comparison to today’s society anxiety.  With recorded anthems such as “School’s Out”, “Elected”, “I’m Eighteen”, “Million Dollar Babies” and “No More Mr. Nice Guy”, the subsequent sold-out arenas and millions of records sold; Alice Cooper became one of the biggest names in Hard Rock!

From appearing onstage with a boa-constrictor to macabre use of a guillotine, props became a show in-and-of itself as the band often dressed as Women, stunned the music industry. Alice Cooper’s rise to fame led to his solo adventure with the release and subsequent tour of “Welcome To My Nightmare” in 1975 (produced by Bob Ezrin).

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In 2017, Alice Cooper has released a new album, ‘ PARANORMAL ‘, once again defining his storied adventures of intrigue, madness and “the strangeness” with hard rock musical veracity.  Deep Purple bassist, Roger Glover and Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top appear as does the surviving band members of the old Alice Cooper band performing together again on several tunes!  His former surviving members of the Alice Cooper Band also receive royalties on all of Alice’s solo music.  How many lead-vocalists exit from a band to go solo have ever drawn a willing contract to share his future royalties with former members?  That speaks volumes of integrity and lack of ego from Alice Cooper.

Alice Cooper’s vocals, sobriety and good health at age 69 years-old is an amazing success story within itself.  The avid golfer, has appeared as an actor, in TV show voice-overs, been an restaurant entrepreneur and rightfully became  inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2011.

Edgar Winter Band

The Edgar Winter Group: “Frankenstein”

 Credit: Music video by Edgar Winter on EdgarWinterVevo, The Edgar Winter Group performing Frankenstein (audio). (C) 1972 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment.

Edgar Winter first stunned my musical senses as I watched them perform “Frankenstein” on Don Kirshner’s In Concert series in 1973.  The progressive nature of the song which I believed to be too complex to be performed in a live setting, actually sounded superior to the studio recorded version.  With the talented Edgar Winter on keyboards, percussion, and saxophone, the prolific injection of guitar chops by Ronnie Montrose and band-mates “Frankenstein” became one of the heaviest (instrumental only), written songs long before Rush hit the music scene.

Guitarist, Edgar Winter was born with the gift of being a child prodigy with music.  He released his first album, ‘Entrance’ in 1970.  His interpretation of “Tobacco Road” drew early musical acclaim.  The Texas Brother of guitarist, Johnny Winters (RIP) has come and gone, while the music lives-on.  Eventually the merger with a back-up band became known as Edgar Winter’s White Trash as music critics chattered and fans grew with live performances and records sold.

In the latter part of 1972, Edgar added guitarist novice, Ronnie Montrose, along with Dan Hartman and Chuck Ruff to formed the Edgar Winter Group.  The release of ‘They Only Come Out at Night’ by legendary producer, Bill Szymczyk in 1972 set FM radio and stereos ablaze with several Classic Rock tunes such as “Free Ride”, and “Frankenstein”.  The Edgar Winter Group was one of the top bands in the USA.

When Ronnie Montrose left to form Montrose, he was replaced by Rick Derringer who had already appeared on lead guitar during the studio recording of ‘They Only Come Out at Night’.  With a previously written solo monster hit, “Rock and Roll Hootchie-Koo” (penned by Derringer and re-released on his All American Boy solo album after he originally recorded as a member of  Edgar’s brothers, Johnny Winter’s Band) already receiving massive radio airplay, the band added it to their setlist. The Edgar Winter Group released the album ‘Shock Treatment’ in 1974; fortifying their position in the history of rock music!

What: Deep Purple, Alice Cooper and the Edgar Winter Band.

When: Saturday, September 9th at 6:30 pm. Purchase tickets here!

Where: Blossom Music Center

1145 West Steels Corners Rd, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223

Phone: (330) 920-8040

Tickets: $27.00 and up.

Purchase tickets here!








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