“Decade of DiMonick” show a big hit in the ‘Burgh!


All photos: ©  Sharon Dominick Photography.

Chip DiMonick and band performed at The Smiling Moose on Pittsburgh’s famous South Side last Friday night, September 25, for a very special reason – the 10th Anniversary of the band’s first show

To be honest, I had heard about Chip several years ago, but it was only 2 years ago when I saw him perform live for the first time, when he was one of the showcased acts in my Sardonyx Productions event.  I remember when meeting him for the first time, several weeks before the show, I told him “you’re pretty famous around here.”  Yes, to me, it was an honor to have Chip DiMonick in my show, and honestly, he REALLY delivered.

The Decade of DiMonick show did not disappoint.  The band members, Chip DiMonick, Joe Pietropaolo (bassist and original member), Gregg Livengood (drums) and DJ Carothers (guitar) all genuinely seem to like each other and have lots of energy on stage.  Their clever use of props and visual effects stimulate the audience, and Chip’s high energy antics get people engaged.  Plenty of  fists pumping in the air, fans jumping up and down, yelling, singing along during the set.  The songs all have very catchy hooks, such as “Uncaged”, “Too Young For Tattoos”, his creative new version of the huge 80s hit “Come On Eileen” (punk/metal version!), and a song which was written out of a controversy over the past few years, “You Ain’t Punk.”  The band had won the Best Punk Band award 3 years in a row in the Iron City Rocks music contest, but the question has always been, is Chip DiMonick really “punk?”


Chip DiMonick. All photos: © Sharon Dominick Photography.

I had a chance to interview Chip this last weekend:

Me:  What did you expect to happen from the Decade of DiMonick show, and what’s next for the band?

Chip:  Ya know, there’s a difference between a local band’s show and a national band’s concert.  We really wanted to make our performance more of the national band concert-type of event.  I think we accomplished that and, judging by the crowd’s reaction, it was enjoyed tremendously!

As far as what’s next, this moment in time – our 10th anniversary as a band – gives us an opportunity to reflect.  I believe in the saying, “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you always got.”  So, it would be great to pursue those things that will help us continue to grow.

I’d love to play new cities and perform at some of the national festivals in the next few years.  That’s going to take a lot of work, a lot of luck, and maybe a lot of money, but I feel that’s the next logical step for us to test if our music and performances can stand up as well in new places and on bigger stages.

Me:  Who are some of the larger acts you have shared the stage with?


Chip DiMonick’s latest CD- “Uncaged”. Click on the photo to order!

Chip:  We’ve played with quite a variety of national acts and have gone over with some wildly different crowds.  We’ve played with theatrical metal acts, like In This Moment and Wednesday 13; up-and-comers on the metal circuit, like Huntress and Texas Hippie Coalition; and classic hair metal legends like Quiet Riot and Winger.

Me:  What are some of your experiences with the Pittsburgh music scene during those 10 years?

The Pittsburgh music scene has come so far in those 10 years!  When we first started, there were few fans and no support.  Since then, we’ve seen Pittsburgh music get so much respect.  For example, we’ve had multiple lengthy interviews on The Grass Roots Show on 97.7FM.  We’ve played huge local music festivals like the Rock All Night Tour and the Strip District Music Fest.  And our music has been featured in highlight montages for Pittsburgh Pirates’ television broadcasts.  We love the Pittsburgh music
scene and we’re excited about the growth that’s happening here right now!

Go to www.chipdimonick.com to check out upcoming events, pics and music, and SPREAD THE WORD!








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