DayOldHate, Hemi Devils, Red Water Tragedy, Roxy Mae and Sanctify light-up Akron!

Last Friday in Akron, Ohio at the Empire Concert Club was a great showcase for some of the areas’ local talents.  We had a taste of the acoustic side of Sanctify, then invited Columbus’ own Roxy Mae to our scene, followed by Red Water Tragedy, Hemi Devils, and DayOldHate closing the show.


Sanctify opened the night with an acoustic set as a quartet doing acoustic renditions of songs by Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, and Nine Inch Nails, as well as alternating with their own songs. They were making great connections with the audience in the acoustic set-up, giving the fans the chance to see this heavy metal band up closer than before. It also gave the fans the chance to see the other side of them, without sacrificing their metal image in the slightest.


Sanctify Photo used courtesy of Chris “Sully” Sullivan of DayOldHate


Fell on Black Days  (Soundgarden)

Watch You Suffer  (Sanctify)

Rooster  (Alice in Chains)

Led By Fire (Sanctify)

Every Day is Exactly the Same  (Nine Inch Nails)

Sinking Ships (Sanctify)

Roxy Mae- 

Roxy Mae brought high energy to the stage with a punk/throwback 80’s glam vibe.  Bassist Spider Lane and guitarist Matt Starr Bones never stopped moving and always had the show rolling! They were accompanied by their awesome sweetheart on the drums and backing vocals Heidi Helser. Spider and Matt switched on and off between lead vocals throughout their set, as well as the crowd when they played their anthem “Hometown Hero” before closing with their true punk song “Dressed in Black”.

Roxy Mae photos: “Rokken Robyn Halford”


Cyanide (Spider vox)

Heartbreaker (Pat Benatar) (Spider vox)

Dirty Girl

Communication Breakdown (dual vox)

Hometown Hero

Drinkin’ Smokin’ (Spider vox)


Dressed in Black (Spider vox)

Red Water Tragedy- 

Red Water Tragedy kicked things into gear with “Weight of Regret” and led flawlessly into the fan favorite “False Flags”.  Guitarist and lead singer Paul Galloway’s lulling vocals fit the bluesy song structure of their storytelling accompanied with bassist Dave Tinlin’s backing vocals as well. Also, who doesn’t love the dual guitarists switching leads back to back between Paul and Broc Bohaychyk? The gradual build up in the songs into groovy riffs, pounding drums from Matt Lyons, and heavy rock n roll make Red Water Tragedy one of Akron’s favorite local original bands. The band pleased the crowd and gave a taste of how their second album may sound when they performed one of their more newly written songs “Eviscerate” to close their set.

Red Water Tragedy photos: “Rokken Robyn Halford”


Weight of Regret

False Flags

Storm the Castle

The Struggle


Hemi Devils- 

Hemi Devils deliver the ol’ bad boys of rock n roll goodness that makes you want to ride your bike across the desert and drink a bottle of Jack Daniels every day.  Heavy, fast paced and bluesy, these guys are winning over the music scene. The band pays attention to detail and showmanship by lighting incense by a fire before performing. Vocalist Jack Sabolich delivers growling vocals with a huge skull with red gleaming eyes on his microphone stand while we ride down Route 666 with the Devils. Notable favorite tunes were Barfly Baby, Angel Waiting, and Electric Wine. Hemi Devils also consist of guitar duo Rob Adams and Taylor Reverendo, Kenny Easterly on bass and Lee Andrews on drums.

Hemi Devils photos: “Rokken Robyn Halford”


Baptized in Gasoline

Barfly Baby

Uncle Satan/She Devil

Angel Waiting

Route 666

Lords of the Highway

Electric Wine


DayOldHate are becoming rising stars in our local Akron market.  They have been successful at putting on their own headlining shows and being a force to be reckoned with. DayOldHate is comprised of Jeremey Frederick on vocals, Mitchell Park on guitar and vocals, Jesse Schultz on drums, and Chris “Sully” Sullivan, formerly of heavy metal band Olathia, on bass. These guys give it all they got each time and have an impressive following of loyal supporters at every show, always sporting merch, and this show was no different. Each song was brought forward with intensity and had a good number of songs their fans sang along with and rocked out to.

DayOldHate photos: “Rokken Robyn Halford”


I’m Not Worth It

Reason to Live

Better on my Own


Lay me Down

Price to Pay


Toward the Sun

You’re Going Down




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