Davey Suicide Gives Fans at The Foundry a Reason to Fall in Love With Rock Again.

If you read a bio for Davey Suicide you will learn that the name, “Suicide” was chosen because it serves as a constant reminder that unless we kill ourselves; there are no limit to what we are capable of accomplishing. Well, it is no easy feat to get people to come out to a show on a Sunday night this time of year in Cleveland. It’s cold and wet.  Its dark out by 6pm. And this particular Sunday, December 10, the Browns had found yet another way to lose a game and disappoint the city. Despite all that, Davey Suicide was able to pack The Foundry Concert Club for their ‘Made From Fire’ headlining tour.

Once the doors were open, Cleveland’s own Beside The Silence got things started with some grinding deathcore. They were followed by the industrial rock metal sounds of New Philadelphia’s Syringe. Bringing the opening acts to a close was our hometown horror cabaret performers, The Monster Dolls.

Prior to hitting the stage we had a moment to sit down with the headlining band’s namesake and vocalist, Davey Suicide….

Davey Suicide opened their set with the title track “Made From Fire”. The influences of Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson present throughout and the crowd excited to hear (and see) more.

The ‘Made From Fire’ album was just that; a product of the heat and frustration felt by an artist fighting with their label over botched releases, album rights, and contractual breaches. Ironically the settlement of all this took place not too far from the stage Davey was playing on this night. All of which, he proudly noted before dedicating the angry industrial metal style anthem “Rise Above,” (the first single released from Made From Fire).

“Rise Above” (Official Video)


It was refreshing to see this band headline and get a long enough set time to show the fans the totality of who they are as performers. From the back drop, costume changes, and custom light show, it was clear Davey Suicide wanted to give their audience the full rock show experience. From where I stood I would say they definitely succeeded.  Niko Gemini was featured ripping an extended solo on his guitar and making the crowd go wild screaming for more. The Monster Dolls joined the band on stage for an appropriately titled “Too Many Freaks”. The evening closed out with “Generation Fuck Star” and many appreciative fans flocking to the merch booth afterwards.

Davey Suicide performing at the Foundry Concert Club in Lakewood, Ohio. All photos taken by Shannon 'Hammy' Hamilton/therustbeltchronicles.com

“Rock fans haven’t gone anywhere; they need a reason to fall in love again.”–DS.

In the end, Davey Suicide‘s sound is a fusion of industrial, heavy metal, punk and arena rock. They give a performance and have a persona that is aesthetically and musically original to the core. If you happened to miss the show, no worries, Davey Suicide will be back in town on February 16th at The Odeon.


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