Concert Review: Sponge at The Odeon wsg/ The Battle, The Outer Waves & The Edgelords

Sponge headlines The Odeon in Cleveland, Ohio

December 8th had a night of eclectic entertainment lined up at the Odeon, 1295 Old River Rd, Cleveland, OH. Besides the headliner Sponge, the bill included The Battle, The Outer Waves, and The Edgelords.

The only thing the bands had in common was rock ‘n roll roots. This made for a very entertaining night, keeping the listeners on their toes with ears wide open.

The Edgelords

The Edgelords opened the show with their style of sleazy rock and debauchery. Original songs that reminded me of end-of-the-eighties Metal, but a bit heavier. They consider their mix of music Hard Rock & Roll with Punk, Blues, & Metal influences and I cannot disagree with that. A grand performance from band members Bill Gressock, Nick Summa, Jay Power, and Mark Taverna.

Reverb Nation – The Edgelords

Facebook – The Edgelords

The Outer Waves

Next up from Strongsville, Ohio were The Outer Waves who loaded the stage with their own LED lights, Intelligent lights, and fog, and then cranked up their music, which was a blend of everything, just like their performance. From hints of alternative, classic rock, and a splash of surf music, it was a musical journey not to be outdone by their magical stage show that was captivating and entertaining. While sometimes the theatrics would overstage the music, it was welcomed just the same. A few of the props included a Hammerhead Shark costume, Bubbles, Christmas Presents, Wheelbarrows, and Ladders just to name a few. They finished flying high, with their frontman suspended from the rafters to take their set out with style. Band members include Jeremy Drazdik on Lead Guitar, Chase Franklin on Vocals and Rhythm Guitar, and Ben Holdway on Drums.

Facebook – The Outer Waves

Soundcloud – The Outer Waves

The Battle

A few spoken words by Donne at the beginning was all it took for this four-piece band to roar to life in spectacular fashion. The Battle weaved in and out of musical textures and created a mind-blowing forty-five-minute set. Starting out with “Hope Dies Last” easing into things before expanding their sound as the song progressed. As the music quieted, it was back to isolated guitar and a touch of bass starting off “Overture to Decline”. Drums elevate the song until about halfway through when The Battle kick it into overdrive creating a mind-blowing wall of sound.

All Photos: ©Rockin' Al

Their third song of the night, “Segue” had a unique structure and formula as the song got started, incorporating a beautiful guitar melody as the song progresses, and then finishing with the fervor you have come to expect after the first two songs. “The Final Act” from their first album “Before You Die” was followed by “Disarranged” an epic arrangement that includes the most variation of any of their songs.

Into The Maelstrom” grabbed on from the first note and held tight as the song marched through your ear canals, leaving your brain grasping to understand what you are hearing. Finishing up the evening with “You Will Not Be Missed” provided the audience with one more spectacular display of the precision, talent, and artistry on the Odean stage tonight.

I was utterly stunned at what I had just witnessed. Familiar sounds presented in a not so different way, but at the same time totally different and mesmerizing. There is nothing else like The Battle out there today, and if there is, please comment below as I haven’t heard it yet.


The Band

The Battle is a four-piece instrumental rock band from Northeast Ohio. Comprised of brothers Donne Copenhaver (drums) and Ron Copenhaver (guitar), Chris Shaheen (guitar), and Tom Nemo (bass).

Chris let me know they will be concentrating on writing and demoing new stuff and may debut something at the Mansfield, Ohio show in January, hopefully getting into the studio in the second half of 2018.

Check them out now wherever you listen to music.

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Detroit Rock City’s Sponge was on The Odeon soaking up the love from fans through a solid set of hits and favorites. Their set was bookended with their biggest hits, but the magic was created in between those songs.

Not playing off a set-list, Vinnie was taking requests from the audience and playing some deep cuts from their eight-album catalog. This interaction was fresh and welcomed. Chatting up the audience in between songs on a first name basis, really brought this show to a highly personal level for those lucky enough to be close to the stage for some one-on-one time.

The crowd was on each note throughout the evening as Sponge ripped through their amazing collection of songs. A great live mix kept everything on point and let the maturity of this band shine through with a very tight performance.

All Photos: ©Rockin' Al
Vinnie Dombroski (vox)
Tim Patalan (bass)
Billy Adams (drums)
Kyle Neely (guitar)
Andy Patalan (guitar)

Facebook – Sponge

Website – Sponge


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