Cleveland’s Own Alexis Antes to Open for the Upcoming Ohio City Singers Concert at HOB

Going back to the early nineties, singer-songwriter Alexis Antes has always been (and continues to be) a staple of the Greater Cleveland Music Scene. Whether as part of the very popular folk-rock band Odd Girl Out that had amassed a very strong following in the area when they were together or by herself as a solo act, Alexis Antes is one musical act in the Cleveland area that has continued to entertain music fans all over the area. While in Odd Girl Out, Alexis Antes was mainly second guitar and background vocals as Anne E. DeChant and Victoria Fliegel were the main writers and singers of the band’s material at the time. After the band went their separate ways, Alexis Antes started developing her own style and began writing her own material. Over the years, Antes’ two releases, 1998’s Stronger and 2003’s All Come Down, have given Antes much of the material she has played in concert. Just recently, however, Antes has added to her musical library with a new CD of music. Alexis Antes’ new album is entitled 13.

When Alexis Antes began creating her own music, her style had a very solid sound and feel to it. The music was Folk-Rock with a gentle pace as well as a laidback feel to the music. In fact, that style was so strong that it stuck around and ended up inhabiting the 2003 release of All Come Down as well. The two initial releases from Alexis Antes complement each other rather well.

Jump nearly fifteen years into the future to 2017 when Alexis Antes created 13, her newest album of music. While more than a decade has passed since the issuing of the sophomore release from Antes, it seems that very little has changed as far as her writing style is concerned. For those fans of Antes’ music who have been awaiting a new album of music, there’s a bit of nostalgia and familiarity in the new material. And for those who have missed out on what came before, this album is the perfect opportunity to discover what plenty of Clevelanders already know about.

13 from Alexis Antes features not only Antes on guitar, vocals and songwriting, the album also features Odd Girl Out alumnus Brian Bretton on drums for most of the release, Ray Flanagan on lead electric as well as acoustic guitars, album producer Jim Wirt on bass, Chris Hanna on keys and other musicians who added small touches that all helped to bring the album to life. Together, this collection of musicians help bring the music of Alexis Antes to life.

The 13 release from Alexis Antes begins with the track “Fight for a Better Day”. The track features a rather strong, driving feel to the music. That driving feel to the music creates one of the stronger tracks on the album. Like much of the music that has been produced throughout the years by Alexis Antes as well as her former bandmates Anne E. DeChant and Victoria Fliegel, “Fight for a Better Day” is a track with strong, optimistic lyrics. The track ends up coming across as an anthem of sorts for those who are looking towards the positive of what lies ahead.

The pace slows down with the song “Think of You”. The track comes complete with a sound that is very reminiscent of something from back in the seventies. That seventies feeling comes from the musical mix of the electric guitars on the track that recall the style of playing from back then. Moreover, the track brings to mind the style of Stevie Nicks after she left Fleetwood Mac. Altogether, the various musical elements combine to create a track that would easily have been welcome on any AM pop-rock radio format back in the seventies.

For the song of “Two Hearts,” Antes and the rest of the musicians create one of the more unique styles on the entire release. While there is still plenty of pop-rock feeling in the track, the song features a slightly stronger driving feeling to the pace. This track is a lot closer to straight-out Rock and Roll than most of Antes’ songs throughout the years. “Two Hearts” would easily be right at home on any Adult Contemporary radio format.

Like the track “Think of You” earlier, the song “Gentle True Spirit” provokes visions of seventies-era Rock and Roll. But instead of an AM Radio format where the lighter fare of those days was being played, “Gentle True Spirit” has a lot more energy to the music. While still rather low-key when compared to, say, Album-Oriented Rock, the Bobbi Antes-penned track finds Alexis and the rest of the musicians creating a track that pays tribute to the singer-songwriter’s late mother by bringing this track to life.

Speaking of the Antes family, the track several tracks later called “Virginia” was written by Scott Antes, the father of Alexis. On this track, the listener finds Alexis Antes channeling musicians like Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon and other female Folk singers. The gentle pace of the music and the relatively sparse musical accompaniment on the track recalls the early days of Antes’ days as part of Odd Girl Out. Since “Virginia” was actually penned by Alexis’ father Scott that would explain why it is the song seems to have a musical flavor very reminiscent of something from James Taylor. You could easily imagine Taylor or another male singer bringing this track to life. The version included here by Antes herself, much like with Bobbi Antes’ “Gentle True Spirit,” is a nice tribute to her father.

While the majority of the new release from Alexis Antes is made up of original compositions either written by Antes, co-written by Antes or written by the parents of the singer-songwriter, there is one true cover song on the album.

13 from Alexis Antes comes to a close with the Stevie Nicks-penned song “Landslide” which was released on Fleetwood Mac’s self-titled album back in 1975. And while the song was given new life back in 2002 when the Dixie Chicks gave the track a Country flavor, the new version from Antes once again features a Folk music quality to the music. The track features the unmistakable guitar playing from Antes’ Odd Girl Out partner Victoria Fliegel. The track’s quality immediately brings to mind another cover tune that had been included on Antes’ All Comes Down release: “My World Is Empty Without You,” the track made famous by The Supremes. Much like that cover by Antes, “Landslide,” complete with Fliegel’s guitar playing, feels new and exciting while still containing enough familiarity to keep fans of the track happy.

The thirteen tracks that make up the 13 release combine to create a release that will satisfy fans of pop music as well as Folk. 13 from Alexis Antes is yet another album from the Cleveland Music Scene veteran that is music to your ears.

Alexis Antes will be in concert as she opens for the Ohio City Singers when they perform at Cleveland’s House of Blues on December 16, 2017. For complete information on the event click on the link.

To check out the music of Alexis Antes or to purchase a copy of her new release entitled 13, click on the link to the musician’s Bandcamp profile.


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