Cleveland’s Brite Winter Festival Returns Once Again for 2018

In a little over one week, the Cleveland area will once again come alive. The reason? The Brite Winter Festival.

Starting back several years, an idea was born of presenting an outdoor festival that contained the same types of fun you would likely see at any other festival in the Greater Cleveland area. The difference? This outdoor festival would take place in February in the middle of winter. And so was born the first Brite Winter Festival.

Throughout the years of its existence, the Brite Winter festival has been a breath of fresh air for those wanting something fun to do during the winter season when nothing much happens because of the cold and snow. But the planners of this event took all of the various elements of a festival and made sure it played the same way as if the event took place during warmer times.

Many people within the Greater Cleveland area seem to be just fine with the outdoors settings as each and every event for the Brite Winter Festival seems to pack the people in. The only thing that holds the event back is the willingness of those who attend to weather the cold. No matter what type of weather, the event has been well-attended each and every year it has been held.

Speaking of each and every year, the event has changed locations throughout its history. Starting out with the first event, the Brite Winter Festival took place on the West Bank of the Flats. Having moved for a few years to the West 25th area, the event found its way back to the original location. Like the last few years, the event for this year will be taking place on February 24th, 2018 on the West Bank of the Flats.

Like any festival worth attending, the Brite Winter Festival is made up of different elements. Some of the various elements that make up the event are: Music and Other Fun Stuff, as well as others.

The Music element makes up the biggest part of the Brite Winter Festival. Throughout the festival village, you will find several different locations where musical acts will be performing. During the event, you’ll find musical acts performing on stages under bridges, outside venues, even inside a few businesses. And like every previous event for the festival, you’ll find various styles of music being performed. Bands like The Whiskey Hollow, Seafair, The Sonder Bombs, FreshProduce. and many, many others who will be taking part in the festivities this year. This year’s main act is Atlas Genius, an Australian Indie band who will perform at the festival for the first time. A complete list of acts and where you can find them performing can be found on the website for the event.

Another element for the event is the Other Fun Stuff category. This category includes things like: Ice Carving, Fire & Ice Dancing and even all sorts of games you’d normally find at any outdoor festival. There’s even a stand where you can make s’mores as you enjoy one of the fire pits on-site!!

And of course, what would a festival of any kind be without Food? Within the festival village, as well as the various indoor venues taking part in the festivities like McCarthy’s, Mulberry’s and The Music Box Supper Club, you’ll be sure to find something to satisfy your hunger as you enjoy the entire day of fun.

Like the previous editions of the event, this year’s Brite Winter Festival promises a lot of fun for all. The only thing that is unsure is what the weather will be like. But that’s part of the fun: taking in the outdoor fun and braving whatever Mother Nature sends our way.

So if you are up for some great outdoor fun this February 24th, brave the elements and enjoy all that the Brite Winter Festival has to offer this year. For all of the information for the event including an entire list of bands and events that will be part of the festival as well as other important information, check out the website for the event and then plan and having fun at this year’s Brite Winter Festival.


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