CD Review: Thor Platter “Take Time”

Cleveland may not have been Thor Platter’s destination of choice, but it seems that he and the city have become rather good friends since Platter came to the area. After moving here from Buffalo, New York, Thor Platter has been a regular performer in the Cleveland music scene. This is good for Thor because it has given him someplace to stretch as a singer-songwriter and it has been good for Cleveland because the city gained another talented artist to bolster the creativity in the area. As a singer-songwriter, Thor Platter has created a total of four CDs of music. Having already released Long Road Ahead and Looking for Sunshine, Thor Platter has just added another release to his discography. The new album of music from Thor Platter is entitled Take Time.

Take Time from Thor Platter was recorded in a very simplified manner as Platter contributed vocals and guitar to his release. To bring the album to life, he was then joined by bandmates Paul Kovac on banjo & vocals and Paul Lewis on bass. Together, the trio created the album with the help of Cleveland-based musician and producer David Mayfield who helped turn the individual tracks into one solid album of music.

The new release from Thor Platter begins with the track “Destined”. Written about an event that ultimately changed Thor Platter’s life forever forcing him to seek other possibilities, the track features lyrics that help to bring the experience to life. In order to bring the song to life, Paul Kovac and Paul Lewis join Platter to create a track that is firmly based of Folk music. While Platter is the main focal point of the song, it is Kovac’s banjo that stands out the most as the trio perform. Having been written a little while ago, “Destined” is one track on the album that has become a staple whenever Platter is in concert.

While creating this album, Thor Platter, Kovac and Lewis create songs that change directions rather frequently. With the title track of “Fallout (Take Time),” the trio creates a song that is closer to Old-Fashioned Country music than the Folk music that was featured on the song “Destined”. The track of “Fallout (Take Time)” also seems to have been one of the more produced tracks of the release. Included in the sound of the song, not only do you hear the guitar, bass and banjo of the band, but the song also includes drums that help to add a stronger beat to the song and keyboards to add even more depth to the track. The track also features a slight reverb that brings the music to life. Altogether, the track feels readymade for radio airplay.

Just like with the track before, the song “Open up Your Heart” finds the trio changing musical directions. This time, the band creates a song that features a Bluegrass feel. The song about letting your feelings out contains the type of lyrical and musical feel to suggest that the song has an Old Timey feel to it. And just like “Destined” before it, “Open up Your Heart” has already become a definite staple to Platter’s shows.

“There for You” is one track on the Take Time release from Thor Platter that has a certain amount of commercial value to it. The track feels just like it came out of Country music past when artists like George Jones, Willie Nelson and even Patsy Cline were recording their classic material. With its timeless feel, “There for You” would easily have fit right at home in that time period. One standout moment on the track was late in the song when bassist Paul Lewis took a solo that helped to show off his talent as a musician.

With the track “Since I’ve Been Gone,” the trio of Thor Platter, Paul Kovac and Paul Lewis pick up the pace of the music. A song about returning to a special place, the song finds Thor Platter doing a little reminiscing. While the lyrics about the passage are rather bittersweet, the trio keeps the track upbeat with a quick and light pace to the music. The solo from Paul Kovacs on the banjo adds a lot of energy to the track. Plus, the inclusion of the keyboards in the background of the track help to add a lot of depth to the track. “Since I’ve Been Gone” is yet another track on the album that could easily find its way onto Country music radio formats.

With the track “Captain Jack,” Thor Platter, Paul Kovac and Paul Lewis end up creating a track that ends up feeling very much like something that could have come from the supergroup of The Eagles. The track from Platter brings to mind that band’s songs like “Tequila Sunrise”. In fact, “Captain Jack” would easily have fit that group’s style at that time of their career.

There are plenty of musical moments on the new Take Time album from Thor Platter that are worth mentioning. The album is solid from beginning to end and it shows off the talent of the singer-songwriter as well as the talents of Paul Kovac and Paul Lewis who back him up. With the help of producer David Mayfield, the trio has made an album in Take Time that starts out strong and never lets you down.

Click HERE to check out the track “Since You’ve Been Gone” from Thor Platter.

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