CD review: Saint Tragedy’s “Prolonging the Agony”

Being in the online entertainment business is a pretty cool gig. You get to meet all sorts of people from all walks of life. You get access to a variety of events that you wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to have.

Those are all great perks to the job but perhaps my favorite part of doing what I do, is the fact that I get to hear new music (usually before anyone else) and give my opinion of what it sounds like. I also get to hear bands that I’ve never heard before and on many occasions I’m glad that I was asked to review an album.

Such is the case with an EP titled ‘Prolonging the Agony’ by a band named Saint Tragedy out of Kenosha, Wisconsin.

This six song gem is full of delectable guitar riffs and licks with a sound reminiscent of the early years of Creed. Now I’m not saying that Wayne Wiginton (lead vocalist) is Scott Stapp or that Matt Brudniewicz is Mark Tremonti but they combined with the rhythm section of Eric Serbedzija (bass) and Jason Scuffham (drums) to pull off an exceptional piece of work with ‘Prolonging the Agony’.

“Make Believe” is the opening tune on the EP and it’s full of guitar riffs throughout its entirety. Wiginton’s voice is somewhat haunting yet has an allure that draws the listener in. He gains your attention and holds it while the power of the trio behind him are in unison with each other as they deliver a blissful sound with a strong overtone.

“Ties That Bind” is in-your-face with a heavy charged delivery that is nothing but pure rock. It has a strong guitar presence from Brudniewicz with the rhythm section unleashing a powerful sound. “No More Religion” follows with a heavy dose of Wiginton at the start of the track with a ballad like sound. However that is short-lived as the quartet come together to unload yet another strong rocking sound that reverberates through the rafters.

“Move On” features a ton a guitar riffs that reminds you of that classic rock sound while “Would I Lie” gives you a steady dose of the rhythm section pounding and pulsating the ear drums, in a good way. “Move On” made a nice bridge to the final acoustic cut.

Wrapping up the EP is an acoustic piece titled “Jumping the Gun”. It is a nice way to end the compilation as it highlights the talent of Brudniewicz on the six string as well as the melodic vocal work of Wiginton. It may be my favorite tune on the EP.

This was my first encounter with Saint Tragedy but it won’t be the last. The foursome from the Badger State delivers a diverse piece that is crisp and clean good old fashioned rock-n-roll. I’ll give it a 7 on my scale and that is a pretty good score as I tend to be on the tough side, or so I’m told. It is definitely worthy of holding a spot in your CD library!

‘Prolonging the Agony’ was digitally released on January 26, 2018 by Pavement Entertainment.


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