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TV Movie is a band originally from Austin, TX, but now active in Mansfield, OH, who “seamlessly bring the perfect post-punk blend of lyrical angst, catchy melodies, and danceable rhythms.”  I got a chance to interview James Amos and Paris Bihari, who co-produced the album, and according to James, they had written a few songs that seemed to flow together well, which gave them the idea of forming a concept album.  James started putting in various interludes, and they actually hired some real pro actors to do the parts.  He also mentioned that with the addition of their new drummer, Matt Kemps, a new “rock” sound was integrated into the music, which was mostly techno at first.  Paris Bihari said it was a gratifying process, stating that James and Paris learned quite a bit from each other’s talents and experiences.  Paris said that the attitude for this album was to “forget about music genres, the way it’s supposed to be, and introduce many different ingredients.  You are not always gonna cook the same brownie.” (I love that statement!)11082557_10155408004530503_5043538545675608403_n

Many contributors were featured, including Gordon Bahary, who mastered the album, and has worked with Stevie Wonder in the past.  Everything was done (according to James and Paris) with a focus on high quality, however, one challenge is being able to present this music on stage.  James said that they are working on a tour around South By Southwest time (spring), and will ideally get on some of the official (or unofficial) shows at the event.  Other featured contributors are: Bill Huvler, Timothy Ball, Cody Michael Nicolas, Nikie Decay, Chuck Blackwell, Don Raye Todd, Kate Westfall, Beau Roberts, Carly Emerick, Hoyt Emerick, Skip Pryor, Jacob Nida, Matt Kempf, and Tazjin.


I will be honest….when I listened to the first song, I was not excited about hearing the rest of this album.  I also was never into the Euro-pop/New Wave stuff from the 80’s.  However, as usual, I was almost too quick to judge, and I really enjoyed many of the ideas, the concept, the music and vocals.

This “non-stop concept album tells the story of one man’s journey that occurs in one night.  Starting off with a break-up, his journey takes him from a stagnate and mundane cycle into learning to view life in a new light, whether it be real or fantasy.” (website)  A couple of the numbers (interludes) on the album were actually like a scene right out of a movie, with dialogue and a soundtrack in the background, such as “Fight Scene”, “The Spotting” and “The Rabbit Hole.”  The song “Cascio Conversation” starts out with a great riff, has some cool dynamics and heavy guitar sounds, right up my alley.  “Forget These Memories”, “Tranimal” and “My House Is A Sleazy Disco” make me feel like my days as a teen in the dance clubs, especially the Euro-pop of the 80’s such as Depeche Mode, The Cure and The Smiths. (the 3 that came to mind first)  However, my favorite tracks are “Numb” and “Out Of Sight, Turn Out The Light.”  On “Numb”, I love the keys, drums and bass with the story being rapped (by artist Tazjin), then the vocals are “whispered”, and ending with some haunting but beautiful backup vocals.  With “Out Of Sight”, some great bass lines, rap, and very pretty background vocals from guest vocalist Nikie Decay.  Reel1 from TV Movie is actually a pretty interesting and unique concept album, and you can check it out at or



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