What’s a Newspaper?

Welcome to my 100th blog since joining Blogger in July of 2012. Prior to joining blogger.com (a free blog maker), I wrote blogs for a couple of years in a local paper online, The Mansfield News Journal, and Cleveland.com (online version of The Cleveland Plain Dealer). The One Thing One thing I would do different […]

A New Paper in Town?

Recently, I came up with the idea of niche marketing The Rust Belt Chronicles. Sometimes success isn’t about something new. It can be achieved by tweaking a common idea and staying ahead of the curve. Doing something better at the right time, place and cost. Perhaps, I could turn The Rust Belt Chronicles into a […]

Mansfield, Ohio – The Smoke is Clearing!

The 47 acts of Arson in Mansfield, Ohio have ceased for nearly a month. I raised a few eyebrows with some theories in my last blog. I’m happy to report through credible sources my thoughts are close to what transpired. Since the smoke cleared, it’s possible to read between the lines.  In fact, I may have […]

Mansfield, Ohio- Does it Still Burn?

  Back in October, I wrote a blog concerning the 42 acts of arson within the city of Mansfield, Ohio. Interestingly, it became my most viewed blog to date. Even more interesting was the fact that the majority of viewers were not from Mansfield, nor has one comment been received. From June to October we […]

Mansfield, Ohio- Watch it Burn?

One of the problems of living in a small city is the lack of people networking. Sharing appears to be a protected behavior pattern. Being open to new ideas is regarded as a loss of control or power. Businesses and people somehow feel it is safer to keep the binders on and the plan is […]

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