Larry Ritter Receives a Promotion at The Rust Belt Chronicles!

Rust Belt Chronicles new VP, Larry Ritter with Rob Zombie! During the last year or so, Larry Ritter’s passion, dedication and loyalty as a staff member has been off the charts. Considering his other jobs and writing endeavors, I really don’t know how he finds the time to accomplish his duties with The Rust Belt Chronicles. Larry […]

Please welcome Amanda Snider to The Rust Belt Chronicles!

One thing I’ve learned in this business is you’ll never know what’s in store for you on any given day. While most days are average, every once in a while you have a bad day, however; the best days are when something great occurs. For some time my journalist/photographer, Larry Ritter has told me he had a person […]

Welcome, Michelle Krunich to The Rust Belt Chronicles!

The Rust Belt Chronicles is always looking for people not afraid to “push the envelope”, view opportunity, and seize the moment! Photographers are driven by those characteristics. They understand how critical it is to capture the essence of a unique  moment in time and space. Michelle Krunich is a prime example of the sheer magic a photographer must possess with her camera, […]

Please Welcome: Iona Vega to The Rust Belt Chronicles!

I first met Iona Vega several years ago at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. I discussed her assististance with The Rust Belt Chronicles after discovering she regularly transposes documentation. It was clear her speed, skills and intelligence were on a fast pace to accomplish anything in life. Iona’s professional demeanor is excellent and her personality is superb! The qualities she possesses, make […]

Rust Belt Chronicles Offers Band Advertisement Page!

The Rust Belt Chronicles is now offering a band advertisement page promoting individual musicians/bands. This page is cost effective for any local band/musician within Ohio, Pittsburgh or the Detroit metropolitan areas. The Rust Belt Chronicles has been approached by a number of musician/bands for assistance in booking. These bands know we have an extensive reach with clubs/venues, […]

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Advertise With Us!

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