Mansfield, Ohio- Does it Still Burn?

  Back in October, I wrote a blog concerning the 42 acts of arson within the city of Mansfield, Ohio. Interestingly, it became my most viewed blog to date. Even more interesting was the fact that the majority of viewers were not from Mansfield, nor has one comment been received. From June to October we […]

Mansfield, Ohio- Watch it Burn?

One of the problems of living in a small city is the lack of people networking. Sharing appears to be a protected behavior pattern. Being open to new ideas is regarded as a loss of control or power. Businesses and people somehow feel it is safer to keep the binders on and the plan is […]

Boom Town to Doomed Town?

A long time ago Mansfield, Ohio was a booming mega-factory city. Now it is represented with boarded-up, graffiti riddled houses and decay. While driving near the downtown area, you often discover houses hidden behind overgrown weeds, shrubbery and trees. It’s been said during its heyday you could quit one good paying factory job and be […]

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