CD Review: Maria Jacobs “Lucky Girl”

Cleveland-based singer-songwriter Maria Jacobs has one of the most beautiful voices in the Greater Cleveland music scene. Jacobs is a singer-songwriter that has been preforming in the Greater Cleveland area for several years. As she has a very clear and beautiful quality to her singing voice, it’s easy to see why it is that she […]

Clevelander Tom Szell and the rest of Big Shoes Release New Album of “Step On It!”

What happens when former sidemen for some of the most famous musical artists find themselves without something to do? They end up discovering each other and decide on doing something together. So is the case for a band called Big Shoes, a band of former sidemen situated down in Nashville that have performed with the […]

CD Review: Alexis Antes “13”

More than a decade has passed since, All Comes Down, the sophomore release from Alexis Antes, hit the streets in the Greater Cleveland area. Of course, All Comes Down was Antes’ follow-up her 1999 album of Stronger. Since that time, it seems that very little has changed as far as her writing style is concerned. […]

CD Review: The James Emmett Band “Bet Against Me”

Ever since the band The Outsiders had their first taste of celebrity status when they released the song “Time Won’t Let Me,” the last name of Geraci has meant something in the city of Cleveland as Emmett Peter “Sonny” Geraci was part of that band. And although Sonny Geraci passed away back in early February […]

Cleveland’s own Jennifer Farley and Gin, Chocolate and Bottle Rockets’ self-titled release

Former Clevelander Jennifer Farley had once been a big part of the music scene here in town. Back when she was known as Jennifer Preisler (before she married her husband, Mike Farley), the vocalist used to perform in a local cover band known as No Matter What. And then she and Mike Farley created a […]

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