Cleveland’s Elijah Gilmore Releases New Jazz Album entitled Return to Zen

Cleveland’s Elijah Gilmore is a rather busy individual. Gilmore splits his time between being a jazz composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. Of course, he’s best known as a drummer. With that type of background, it should come as no surprise that he is always in demand. Throughout his history, Gilmore has shared the stage with the […]

Cleveland’s The Whiskey Hollow Releases “Greenhouse” and Will Again Take Part in This Year’s Brite Winter Festival

Back in 2016, singer-songwriter Madeline Finn took songs she had been writing, and after putting together a band, started performing under the moniker of The Whiskey Hollow. With that loosely-bound group of musicians, she took seven of her songs and created a very strong debut release under the Whiskey Hollow moniker. That release was called […]

Ray Flanagan and The Authorities Release New Self-Titled EP

Sometimes a person gets the bug to become a musician by following others who make music their livelihoods. Such is the case with Cleveland-based singer-songwriter Ray Flanagan. It was partially because of another Clevelander named Roger Hoover that Flanagan is the musician he is today. While the years have passed since Ray Flanagan was learning […]

Native Clevelander Danny Koker Splits His Time Between History Channel’s Program Counting Cars and His Rock Band Count’s 77

Native Clevelander Danny Koker keeps himself very busy as he splits his time between several different projects: Whether running his rock club called Vamp’d, his tattoo shop called Count’s Tattoo Company or the business most people know him for, Count’s Kustoms (the same business that the television show “Counting Cars” centers on), Koker keeps himself constantly […]

CD Review: Ellery “Over Land, Over Sea”

It all began when husband and wife duo of Justin and Tasha Golden met each other while living in the Cincinnati area, many miles away from the same city where they had grown up-Akron, OH. The former Akronites met and fell in love and that was that. Soon, the duo created the musical outfit known […]

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