The Quest of a Writer!

Yesterday, I failed to post a blog. I really didn’t have anything gnawing at my soul to deliver to you, but as the night wore on- I was torn by not producing an article. The inability to create a little magic for a night made me feel like something was missing. Call it guilt or […]

Writer’s Block- How to Break through the Obstacles

The last couple of evenings, I’ve had a bit of writer’s block. The inspiration to introduce an idea, story or adventure wasn’t within my mind. Lately, I’ve not been over-flowing with multiple thoughts and have been pulling recent blogs out of the thin air. But for two days my mind produced nothing. Frustration at its […]

Planting the Seeds of Success in Your Life?

Late at night, I usually find myself blogging. It seems to be the quietest time to write. No noise or distractions; just a laptop, Microsoft Word and myself.  Some nights when I have no idea of my blog topic, I actually write my best blogs. I am amazed at the quality of some of those […]

The Art of Self-Publishing

    Ever Consider Writing and Self-Publishing?  9/1/2012 Note: I am revisiting and updating my blog from July 2010 on self-publishing to offer some advice from one of my readers. Enjoy! First, consider  learning everything you can about the publishing business.There are many companies who will attempt to  take advantage of your lack of knowledge […]

Does it Matter?

  8/30/2012 So many days, I have questioned if I am making a difference. Is staying awake half the night seeking clarity, thought, and silence to produce art worth it? Is the money spent on books and searching information to improve viewership worth it? Does it matter? The lack of comments within my blogs, often […]

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