The Bridge to Becoming an Artist!

12 Steps to the Bridge:  You get a great idea and go to work late because formulating and documenting your idea is more important than a job. The goals you follow aren’t someone else’s. Your family, friends, and co-workers think you’re crazy by doing something radically different. Criticism doesn’t slow you down. You quit attending […]

This Blog is For You!!

Being laid-off yesterday from my previous employer for nearly 32 years provided a manic day of highs and lows for me. I stayed –up until sunrise writing and thinking. Lots of questions kept shooting through my mind. I sent emails, made phone calls and searched Google for questions, seeking clarity, comfort or solutions. Then, I realized […]

Free at Last!

Earlier today, my boss walked into my office, stating: “Let’s take a walk, we have something to discuss.” The scene reminded me of the Prisoners of War being befriending by their captors and one day having to lead the walk to the gas chamber. ‘Just doing my job’ is what they were told prior to […]

Do you follow a Map or Compass?

I recently explained the fear tactics organizations use against their employees to a friend and her response was: “Well, that’s human nature.” I was stunned momentarily. I had forgotten people are so busy trying to fit-in, wanting to be liked and somehow have to justify other’s bullying style of actions. I also forgot, I had […]

No Longer A Victim!

Once I understood the history and reasoning of fear the Industrial Age uses to control and leverage the common man; life has become less stressful. I no longer feel like a victim or sacrificial guinea pig. The tactics that once wrecked my day are just a speed bump in my rearview mirror. The power, I […]

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