Who Builds The Road to Success?

“You can have everything you want in life, if you will just help enough other people get what they want”-Zig Ziglar    I’ve noticed in discussions concerning being successful, one of the obstacles often shared is the attempt to diminish the desire of someone from becoming successful.   It’s a roadblock between taking the leap and doing what […]

Sharks and Dolphins and the Sea of Success!

  When you start changing your life and heading towards success- be prepared to fend off sharks!  Sharks are people who smell blood when anyone attempts to rise above them.  Sharks prefer you swim below their level. When they sense you are near success, they circle and eventually attack their prey. I have witnessed this […]

When to Quit?

  It’s tough when you cannot be creative. Feeling like a dog at the end of its leash; waiting for the owner to pull you back into your limited territory. After a short while you begin to wonder what the point is. Why bother? The ride along the scenic route isn’t enjoyable if you must […]

What message are you sending?

A mediocre band director conducts the musicians and sets the tempo. A great band director inspires the musicians and the audience. The great band director realizes he is leading people to invoke a mood or tell a musical story by creating art, while making a powerful impression to those listening and watching him (customers and […]

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