The Future is up to You!

  “Every child is born an artist. The trick is to remain an artist.”                                                           -Picasso We’ve spent 100 years schooling our children and selves into becoming a“cog in the wheel” for the system. We created compliance by asking students to memorize a formula of history, math and science. Instead of recognizing the interests of […]

The Icarus Deception/Seth Godin Amazes Again!

  Tonight, I finally plan on opening my Kickstarter package from author Seth Godin. I contributed to Seth’s project on Kickstarter awhile ago and although I received the package nearly two weeks ago; I wanted to wait to open the package. The package contains Seth’s new book, The Icarus Deception- How High Will You Fly?. A […]

Failing, Losing and Winning

We don’t encourage people to be creative. Rarely, do we ask people to do something meaningful. We spend far more time telling folks: No- you can’t. You have no experience. Somebody else has already done it. Nobody’s ever done it. You don’t have the money, education or time. It won’t work. You better get permission. […]

Connect the Dots!

  The Industrial Age was always about control. Control has kept us fighting in every conceivable way to enforce their will over humanity. The MC, Ringmaster, referee and manager were hand-picked to manipulate the desired results for the “Big Kahuna”. Control allows no compromise, variation or opportunity to pick door #3. No chance to stand-out, […]

What if…..

What if we gave you the tools to change the world? What if you suddenly realized you have the ability and permission to do the impossible? What If we could cure disease, prevent wars and feed the hungry? We can. Today, we have the tool- the Internet. We possess the most powerful resource known to […]

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