Sami Stoner and Chloe Running with Success!

 I have the opportunity and duty to unveil the sweetest success story to ever grace our area. The young courageous lady I hope to interview in the first expanded edition of The Rust Belt Chronicles is currently undergoing a tough schedule between school events and a television taping with ESPN. I hope to bring you her […]

Checkout Anytime you Like, But you Can Never Leave

  In one of Seth Godin’s recent blogs, I was inspired by several notions and wisdom.  Some valuable lessons from Seth’s blog:  Associate closely with those who emphasize and are experienced with productive failure.  Surround yourself with those who are motivated to make a difference daily.  Breakthroughs throughout history (music, software, athletics) are geographically located […]

What Flows Through Your Life?

I’ve had a leaking toilet with rusted bolts for some time. My lizard brain tried to ignore the problem but the new parts had been purchased a week ago and my wife wasn’t about to cut me any slack. So, I spoke with a friend the other day, who offered some simple plumbing advice. His […]

The Power of Believing in Someone!

While attending a funeral, I spoke with the Pastor prior to the services. We discussed the importance of the power of belief in our fellow man. The value of belief can be unmeasurable and is magnified throughout history in stories of success with life changing results . Here is one example of the powerful lesson […]

Mr. Seth Godin

Several blogs ago, I mentioned some cool startup projects seeking funding using Kickstarter. I was happy to be able to contribute to Seth Godin’s unique publishing transformation idea, which sought $40,000.00 in donations to publish his upcoming book- “The Icarus Deception: Why Make Art?” The dollar amount was exceeded within 3 hours on Kickstarter. So […]

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