One Powerful Little Lesson!

Years ago, my sponsor suggested I do something positive towards someone else’s life. He asked that I perform this feat at least three times daily and if the person found out about the deed, the attempt did not count. The point of the exercise served to:  Avoid selfish thinking by focusing on others.  Become selfless, […]

Lifestyle of The Minimalist?

    My wife and I spent a couple of weekends working around the house on junk removal. We moved into our house quickly and really didn’t have the time to sort through items. We’ve accumulated over thirty years and it was time to seek the help of a waste removal service. I’ve read a […]

Why? The question we should always ask.

I was always the kid who went where he was told not to go. The curiosity of “why” was all I needed. As you can imagine my experiences have multiplied throughout my life. I’ve been a bit daring, risky and walked to the edge. The quest to understand behaviors and thinking processes have consumed my […]

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