What’s your Identity?

Saturday evening I arrived at a local restaurant to pick-up my food order and I heard my named called out. It was a couple (Jennifer and Jeff) that both were employed where I work during the day. Jennifer had moved onto a new job at a different company a few years ago and I hadn’t […]

Do Something Meaningful

  In a previous blog, I reported spotting a dog in a nearby park system upon driving home from work. I recalled reading on an employee’s bulletin board a story of a missing dog. The dog owner’s home had been burglarized and the thieves peppered sprayed the young dog. The door must have been open […]

End Sex Trafficking

  Were not Gonna Take It I recently wrote a blog to raise awareness against sex trafficking. I received a timely bit of email information through meeting culture warrior Al Pittampalli. Last Friday, was National End Sex Trafficking Day.To commemorate this day a project was initiated by Erin Giles, Business Philanthropy Coach. Erin has been […]

The Heart of Amish Country

Saturday, we travelled to the heart of Amish Country in Wayne County, Ohio. The peak colors of fall had passed a week ago, so I was hoping for less tourists and traffic to navigate. I should’ve picked a day during the week; it was still crazy with too many crowded shops and congested traffic. I […]

Home of the Brave?

When dealing with something new, unexpected or financially challenging, we sometimes hear people mention “how awful” the situation was to endure. Some folks never think of the ordeal as an opportunity for a positive outcome, educational experience or simply fate. By reinforcing fear, we set the wheels in motion to expect the worst.  The tale […]

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