Obamacare: Too Big to Fail or Too Big to Care?

  The recent rollout of the socialized medicine program known as the Affordable Care Act is a monster. Our government has taken the wrong road in one man’s attempt to create a legacy while ignoring all costs and the very consequences of its own citizen’s healthcare. President Obama would like us to believe his albatross […]

Do You want to Feel Great?

For quite some time, I’ve experienced pain in different joints and my back. When I used to sleep in on the weekends I always had to get out of bed due to hip and back stiffness and pain. The pain followed me throughout the day. The only remedy was to take a couple Aleve tablets. […]

End Sex Trafficking

  Were not Gonna Take It I recently wrote a blog to raise awareness against sex trafficking. I received a timely bit of email information through meeting culture warrior Al Pittampalli. Last Friday, was National End Sex Trafficking Day.To commemorate this day a project was initiated by Erin Giles, Business Philanthropy Coach. Erin has been […]

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