No Longer A Victim!

Once I understood the history and reasoning of fear the Industrial Age uses to control and leverage the common man; life has become less stressful. I no longer feel like a victim or sacrificial guinea pig. The tactics that once wrecked my day are just a speed bump in my rearview mirror. The power, I […]

Does your Idea Mesh?

How many times have you had one of those: “wish I would’ve thought about that idea” moments? Or the times you’ve thought about a new idea, never acted upon it, only to discover later someone else initiated the same thought and became highly successful. The failure to act, take a risk or perhaps our financial […]

Capitalism at its Finest?

It’s amazing how organizations are so obsessed in using power, fear and control to manipulate and market themselves as a moral entity. Organizations use “spin” to market their agenda and often create more harmful results than good. Even more pitifully, the process is repeatedly used resulting in reduced customer satisfaction and trust. Is it any […]

Isn’t it Time We Pick Ourselves?

When the teacher asked questions, most of the students raised their hands. The ambitious or popular students were usually chosen first to respond with the answer. This situation took place often, throughout the day. If you were selected and didn’t respond with the correct answer, good luck being picked again, anytime soon . The subtle […]

You are Now Free!

“If your team is filled with people who work for the company, you’ll soon be defeated by tribes of people who work for a cause.”                                   –By Seth Godin from: The Icarus Deception: how high will you fly? One of the favorite terms of the Industrial Age has been “teamwork.” The word is heavily touted when the […]

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