New Series, Carver’s Collection: Strike It Up Saturday with Jonah Koslen!

Carver’s Collection

Carver's Collection

Singer/songwriter/musician – Mr. Jonah Koslen

I am initiating an educational and promotional music video series called “Carver’s Collection” for each day of the week. The music video series will centered around a daily theme, providing you with a bit of musical history of related bands/ musicians and the songs that impacted our lives. My hope is to inspire you daily while providing insight by the artists who’ve made a difference in the music industry, on a local, regional, and national basis.

Current fashionable trends being recorded today to those long-ago, set the tone for each passing generation. My goal is to keep the music alive! Deep cuts, live and forgotten gems of the past will also be a part of this series. My hope is to enlighten your musical knowledge. Rock N’ Roll has transcended into various styles, genres and tastes. Let’s not forget how we got here.  Every song ever recorded in the music industry has been inspired with energy and passion from the heart.

Please support your local musicians, music venues and join me on this journey!

Today’s music video is: ‘Strike Up The Band” by Jonah Koslen.

Jonah Koslen’s Stage Pass Now performing “Strike Up The Band”

Video Credit: Thomas Moore.

Photo: From Records.

Jonah Koslen joined the Michael Stanley Band in 1974. The Cleveland, Ohio native is a prolific singer/songwriter and musician best known for his compositions, “Strike Up The Band” and “Nothing’s Gonna’ Change My Mind” with the Michael Stanley Band. Both Jonah Koslen and Michael Stanley’s  collectively and separately written compositions have been deemed comparable to John Lennon and Paul McCartney by Kerrang! Magazine throughout their careers!

Jonah Koslen and the Michael Stanley Band were a formidable force in bringing the “Midwest Sound” into the music industry. After recording three albums on Epic Records with the Michael Stanley Band, Jonah left to pursue his own band, Breathless.


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Breathless produced two albums on EMI America Records and were somewhat successful with two album’s released. The band was spectacular live and supported KISS, Journey, Cheap Trick, Eddie Money and Rush on tour. After lack of support from EMI, the band disbanded in 1981.

Jonah Koslen and the Heroes

Photo Credit:

Koslen would then form Jonah Koslen and the Heroes, while recording two albums. The band was often seen in music clubs throughout Mid-Ohio and the North Coast. The group of veteran musicians were a dynamic ball of energy, encapsulated by Jonah Koslen’s songwriting and stage presence. Sadly, the national music media never caught-on with this exciting band.

The breakup of Jonah Koslen and the Heroes would result in Jonah’s relocation to Los Angeles where he created a morphing video for The Eagles and performed with Bonnie Bramlett.

For more of the musical history of Jonah Koslen, click Here!

Don’t miss Jonah Koslen onstage this afternoon at 3:00 p.m., or tonight (Standing Room Only) at 8:00 p.m. performing at the Music Box Supper Club in Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday, January, 27th!

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Photo Left: Jonah Koslen.


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