Carver’s Collection: Tribute Tuesday featuring 1964 The TRIBUTE!

1964 The TRIBUTE

1964 The TRIBUTE is a phenomenal band representing The Beatles Rock n’ Roll music from the early years of the “Fab Four”. The realistic sound, staging, fashion and music appeal is as close to reliving the British Invasion of 1964. Coincidently, all four musicinas are from the rust belt area of Cleveland, Akron or Indiana. Rolling Stone Magazine has cited 1964 The TRIBUTE as: “Best Beatles Tribute on Earth!” if that doesn’t speak volumes, this quote from the late Dick Clark should: “1964 creates the Magic of The Beatles!”

Tribute Tuesday featuring 1964 The TRIBUTE!

1964 The Tribute

Video Credit: Scott Newell

1964 The TRIBUTE was formed in 1984 by Mark Benson and Gary Grimes (RIP). The bands mission was to deliver the live look and feel of The Beatles onstage to fans. The bands mission is to deliver the live look and feel of The Beatles onstage. The music compositions are exceptionally accurate in a live setting. Each individual band member is cast into a role with personal looks and the mimicking impersonations of a Beatle!

The band cast is:

  • Mark Benson as John Lennon
  • Mac Ruffing as Paul McCartney
  • Tom Work as George Harrison
  • Robert Potter as Ringo Starr.

The band has performed at the most impressive theaters, concert venues, College University’s and venues all over the world. Their upcoming tour has a date at Carnegie Hall in New York City. On Saturday, February 3rd, 1964 The TRIBUTE will appear in Dayton, Ohio at The Victoria Theater.

1964 The TRIBUTE also performs using the same brands of instruments represented during those historic years by The Beatles.

The Hofner bass guitar of (Paul McCartney), Gretsch Guitars (George Harrison)Rickenbacker guitars of (John Lennon) and Ludwig Drums  (Ringo Starr) are autheniticly presented. The Mop Top haircuts, collarless suits, onstage banter,  jackets, are all brought back to life right down to the original boots worn as part of the “Beatlemania” period.

When The Beatles landed at JFK airport in New York in 1964, the TV news was ablaze with the reaction of the hundreds of fans screaming and overcome with emotion. The Beatles appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show in New York City were witnessed on national televison by millions of people. Between packed audiences inside, thousands of people waiting outside the venue, and girls fainting at the sight of The Beatles onstage; an immediate marketing frenzy was created.

1964 The TRIBUTE covers the music of The Beatles from the pre- Sgt. Peppers era.

This ends today’s musical education series. I hope you enjoyed the bit of music history presented!



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