Carver’s Collection: Homegrown Sensations Sunday featuring Bad Remedy!

Carver’s Collection: Homegrown Sensations Sunday

I am initiating an educational and promotional music video series called “Carver’s Collection” for *each day of the week. The music video series will centered around a daily theme, providing you with a bit of music history from the songs of bands and musicians that impacted our lives. My hope with Carver’s Collection is to inspire you daily while providing insight by the artists who’ve made a difference in the music industry, on a local, regional, and national basis.

Carver’s Collection will provide you with current fashionable music trends being recorded today, to those recorded long-ago; setting the tone for each passing generation. My goal is to keep the music alive! Deep cuts, live and forgotten gems of the past will also be a part of this series. The Rust Belt Chronicles has been a music advocate for nearly five years, bringing you stories, reviews, interviews, CD reviews and video interviews from our area. We have a passion for music!

Rock N’ Roll has transcended into various styles, genres and tastes. Let’s not forget how we got here. Every song ever recorded in the music industry has been inspired with energy and passion from the heart, soul, or experiences from a creative mind. For those of you who argue this song or style is “old” and outdated, let me remind you once a composition is released; it’s already “old” comparative to time.

Sadly, the way music distribution is presented today, some of the best songs recorded by artists never get the national recognition deserved. We hope to be a part of solution along with you to change that trend with something meaningful, that matters!

Personally, I never thought I’d live to see the day bands/musicians whose musical characteristics would return to the roots of Blues- based Rock.  How often have we heard up-and-coming bands deliver music with their sound integrated from the past? How many bands have we heard who integrate several musical genres within one song? I am happy to report it’s happening now and the sound is fresh, with inspirational clarity.

The evolution of music is preserved and poised to give you epic sounds with emotions strong enough to give you goose-bumps! I highly suggest you get out and enjoy the music scene, explore new artists and experience those bands who’ve given us the historic sounds that transcended generations. Together, we can make a difference!

Please support your local musicians, music venues and join me on this journey!

*Daily content will be subject to my health, concert and business schedule.

Homegrown Sensations Sunday

Homegrown SensationsBad Remedy (formerly Error 504)

Photo used (cropped) courtesy of: Lost or Forgotten

Bad Remedy (formerly known as Error 504) is ironically the first local band we promoted back in 2013, when I started publishing the Rust Belt Chronicles. I felt it would be ironic and fitting to take a look at this young and powerful band for our first edition of “Homegrown Sensations“.

Today’s music video is: Wiskey Runnin’ by Bad Remedy!

Bad Remedy was a band started by a group of high school friends based out of Lucas, Ohio.  The hard rock band changed their name to Bad Remedy after being signed by a talent agency in Los Angeles. The quartet of guitarist/backup vocalist Alex Mayer, bassist/screaming vocals Jon Banks, lead vocalist/acoustic guitarist Dayne Sauder, drummer Kevin Cuthbertson, and guitarist, Ryan Zellner.

The young men described themselves as: “All of the attitude of the 80’s with a southern flavor and a modern edge.” Their mission was: “Where our music is welcome, we will play it loud. Where our music is challenged, we will play it louder!”

The band had built a strong following of fans packing clubs locally around Mansfield, Ohio. A majority of the music was written and produced by guitarist, Alex Mayer.  In 2013, Error 504 competed in the “Battle Of The Bands” competition at The Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio for the right to perform at Rock On The Range 2013. Error 504 won the prestigious award and performed strongly at Rock On The Range.

Homegrown SensationsError 504 were also performing in clubs in Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio instantly increasing the legions of followers! But it was when the band released their first music video, “Whiskey Runnin’” their momentum would crescendo. The video was armed with drumsticks twirling, guitar hero poses, beautiful ladies, (several, whom worked for us- Bethany Brewer Cuthbertson and Rachel Montgomery Cox) and a party theme. The music of “Whiskey Runnin’” carried a powerful epic rhythmic sound of pulsating thunder with a chorus guaranteed to have you singing along!

I insisted the song would be a Top #10 breaking hit. Unfortunately as in the case of many tunes in today’s music industry it only gathered regional success.

In May of 2014, Error 504 began their first tour. By summer, the band finished recording their first self-titled, four-song EP at John Schwab Recording in Columbus, Ohio and released their first single, “Whiskey Runnin’“.

As the interest in the bands music and live show grew, talent agencies began calling from all around the USA. The band signed with a company based out of California. Under the contract, the new management insisted the band change its name to Bad Remedy much to the dismay of family, friends and the band.  Following the contract a tour ensued throughout the USA major outdoor festivals at Rocklahoma, Rock Fest and Ink In The Clink 2015, just to name a few.  The band also received an endorsement from Noisy EyeWear.

Homegrown Sensations

Bad Remedy 2.0

Homegrown SensationsSubsequently guitarist, Ryan Zellner would leave the band and be replaced by Riley Beaire. The addition of Riley with his ability to shred guitar solos and the piercing melodic structured solos by Alex Mayer incorporated tunes with more of a heavy metal vibe. Bad Remedy’s debut album, Eternalize would prove upon its release in April of 2016.

During their tenure Bad Remedy performed with Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Korn, Lamb of God, Steel Panther, Papa Roach, and Three Days Grace. In 2015, they opened for Buckcherry at the Cleveland Agora, however; just like a scene out of “Spinal Tap”, Bad Remedy’s encore of “Whiskey Runnin’ was negated by time constraints. The band members abilty to swap instruments was interesting during onstage jams.

Vocalist/model, Valerie Zaciek was added to the band in 2016.  The talented young lady also contributed lead or backing vocals onstage with the band on some cover tunes and original material. Between national and regional tours on weekends, lead vocalist Dayne Sauder developed a medical condition prohibiting from live performances in 2016.

Their final gig with Dayne Sauder was at the Turtle Creek Tavern in Columbus, Ohio. During 2016, the band attempted to carry-on with Valerie filling-in for Dayne. By the fall of 2016, Valerie Zaciek and bassist, Jon Banks departed and the bands hiatus is still in speculation with fans.








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