Browns Have Bigger Issues Than Who Is Under Center

Cody Kessler

Cody Kessler


The Buckeyes had a hard fought win at Wisconsin last night. The Indians are up 2-0 on Toronto in the American League Championship Series. So it’s amazing that two joyous days can be erased by three hours of incompetence. I’m dusting off the keyboard today, and unfortunately, it’s because the Browns are absolutely horrendous. Well, not the entire team. Cody Kessler busts his ass every week to help keep this team in contention. He threw for 336 yards with two touchdowns on 26-41 passing. No turnovers. NONE! The poor kid can’t do everything. He can’t block defensive lineman (Cam Erving) and he can’t catch his own passes (Ricardo Louis). There are so many holes and so many weaknesses outside of QB. I personally think Kessler can be the guy. He reminds me of Brian Hoyer. Neither one has a rocket arm, but both are careful with the ball and both have excellent work ethic. For some reason, however, some of you Browns fans find it necessary to rag on his arm strength and ignore Hoyer’s. So without further ado, I give you my gripe with the Cleveland Browns organization.

Issue 1-Cam Erving and the offensive line.

The Cam Erving experiment has to end. I don’t care how nice of a guy he is or how tough of a competitor he is. He SUCKS! He can’t stay upright. Twice for sure today he was blown off the ball and knocked either straight back or right to the ground. He’s too soft. Entirely too soft to play in this league. Austin Pasztor is another one. He gets penalized for false starts and costly holding penalties every single game. Poor Kessler was hit and abused all day, again. It doesn’t matter who is back there, no one would survive with this current line. To date, Browns quarterbacks have been sacked 18 times, an average of three times per game.

Issue 2-Receiving

Ricardo Louis had issues with dropped passes at Auburn. It wasn’t a secret, so why did the Browns draft him? I don’t need another Greg Little on this team. He dropped two balls that were perfectly thrown where only HE can get them. He did have a nice grab on a pass thrown by Kessler while on the run, but that was it.  Someone other than Terrelle Pryor has to step up as well. Teams are now starting to double Pryor no matter where he’s at on the field. Why can’t they get Andrew Hawkins, Jordan Payton or Rishard Higgins involved a little more. It’s obvious that this team isn’t going to the playoffs, so why not let some of these younger guys run a little more?

Issue 3-Ray Horton and the “Defense”

Joe Haden missed another game with another groin injury. I love Joe. I think he’s a great player, but one man can’t cover the entire field. Tramon Williams. Tramon freaking Williams is STILL on this team? Why? He’s giving up chunks of yards. He can’t cover anyone. He’s not the only one. The entire secondary is oblivious in coverage and very rarely do they turn and play a ball in the air. Jordan Poyer is done for a while with a lacerated kidney and Ibraheim Campbell got benched. They’ve allowed 16 passing touchdowns in six games. That’s almost three a freaking game!

Which brings me to Ray Horton. Horton wanted to come to Cleveland, and Tennessee HC Mike Mularkey graciously let him go. All he did was replace him with Dick LeBeau. He didn’t have a great stint here the first time, and it’s looking worse this time around. His pass defense is horrible, and while his secondary has a play in that, the pass rush is also a factor. Through six games, the Browns have not only allowed 16 touchdown passes, they’ve allowed 1,772 yards (295.3 YPG) and opposing QBs have completed 65% of their passes (138-212). They do have six interceptions though. The quarterback pressure is an issue though, only sacking opposing quarterbacks ten times. Yup, ten times and that’s it. His defense has been shredded in general, giving up 403.3 total yards per game and 29.3 points per game.

Issue 4-Jimmy Haslam and the Front Office

This whole experiment has gone down the toilet, and I figured it would when I heard they brought in a baseball guy to work on analytics for a football team. It barely works in baseball, so what makes Jimmy think it’s going to work here? They’ve left us with nothing but a roster loaded with rookies and injuries left and right. He doesn’t have a clue. Hue Jackson was handcuffed from day one. Sashi Brown and Paul DePodesta are selling off players for future picks, but for what reason? What good are picks if you can’t hit on them? Are they going to draft a QB next spring? Yes. Should they? Hell no. There are more important areas to address next spring.

Final Thoughts

It really does upset me that everyone is talking about DeShaun Watson and Deshone Kizer. Both are talented individuals, and very good. But why can’t we build around Kessler? Why can’t we take DE Myles Garrett with our first pick and get more of a pass rush threat. Why can’t we take a right tackle or center with our second first round pick? What is the obsession with running a kid out of town because you’re jaded as a fan and want something now? Don’t rush this. A majority of you were on board with this front office and their ideas, so accept it and build off this. What’s next? Run Hue out of town? I hate to say it, but it’s going to take a couple years to get this right. I trust in Coach Jackson. I trust that Cody Kessler can be the guy. I don’t trust the front office. This whole analytical approach is a joke. Open the checkbook already! You have $50 million to spend. Why not grow a pair and take a chance on someone that can legitimately help? RGIII has to go. Cam Erving has to go. Austin Pasztor has to go. And as much as I love them, maybe it’s time to trade Joe Thomas and possibly Joe Haden. Those guys are too talented to keep suffering like this. The front office has already started driving the stake through our hearts, so why not put us out of our misery.


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