British Prog Rockers The Strawbs to Play Cleveland in November

British Band The Strawbs have come a long way from their roots. Originally a Bluegrass band that formed in the mid-sixties, they have added many other elements over the years that have changed the vibe of the band. This musical evolution helped to create the band that they are today. Today, The Strawbs create music that would easily be considered Progressive Rock. And with the band’s musical origins, it’s easy to see how and why they ended up falling into that musical category.

Today’s version of The Strawbs consists of: Dave Cousins at the forefront (vocals, guitar, dulcimer and banjo), Chas Cronk (bass), Dave Lambert (lead guitar and vocals), Dave Bainbridge (keyboards) and Tony Fernandez on drums. It is this lineup of musicians that has just created a new album (the first release for the band since their 2014 Prognostic release) entitled The Ferryman’s Curse.

The Ferryman’s Curse from The Strawbs begins with “In the Beginning,” an instrumental track that features a very orchestral feel to the relaxing music. This is due to the keyboard work of Dave Bainbridge who adds that orchestral feeling to the song. As the track begins, the track starts off slow and then gradually builds as the track progresses before it transitions into the next track of “The Nails from the Hands of Christ”.

“The Nails from the Hands of Christ” finds the band delving into the lighter side of the Progressive Rock the band has become known for. The music of the track features the band as an ensemble playing together. The vocals from Dave Cousins are rather laidback as he sings of a lady who goes through her day-to-day life. As a track, “The Nails from the Hands of Christ” could easily find its way onto radio. And because of that commercial feeling, the band has released this track as the lead-off single for the release.

On the next track, The Strawbs slow things down. “The Song of Infinite Sadness” begins with the sound of the combination of an acoustic guitar and the dulcimer from Dave Cousins. Together, the dulcimer and acoustic guitar create the basis of a track with plenty folk music influence to it. Along with the dulcimer and acoustic guitar, the bass and keyboards combine to create a very gentle, laidback moment on the release. “The Song of Infinite Sadness” is one track where the talents of the members of The Strawbs shine through.

Continuing with the laidback musical approach, The Strawbs create the track “The Familiarity of Old Lovers”. Just like the previous track, this song finds the band focusing more on the musicianship side of things rather than trying to create a song with muscle. “The Familiarity of Old Lovers” plays very much like a love song because of the gentle pace of the track’s music. As the song moves along, the band adds more energy to the music than they did with the previous track of “The Song of Infinite Sadness”. In fact, the second half of the track features an electric guitar solo that adds just a little energy to the otherwise low-key track.

After The Strawbs spend half of their newest album of The Ferryman’s Curse creating songs with a laidback musical approach, they finally break out a track that adds a little energy to the release. The song “The Ten Commandments” revolves around the electric guitar from Dave Lambert as the band creates a track that feels as if it would belong on radio back in the eighties. While “The Ten Commandments” is a song about living life according to that specific list of rules, the band doesn’t spend too much time trying to make their case, so the track does not come across as being too “preachy”. The energy produced by the band on this track gives the listener a different perspective on the music from the band.

With the title track of the release, The Strawbs let out the jam band side of their musical personality. Both the slow pace to the track “The Ferryman’s Curse” and the laidback feel of the music included in the song ends up creating a track that allows the band to stretch their muscles, as the track features the band playing a song with an extended playtime on this track. Along with the extended playtime, the track comes complete with frontman Dave Cousins singing about the exploits of The Ferryman. The track ends up feeling very much like a story set to music.

The Strawbs bring their newest album to a close with the track “We Have the Power”. With this track, The Strawbs produce one of the strongest tracks on the album…and one of the most upbeat songs of the album, as well. The track features a strong keyboard-based sound as well as a driving feel to the music. The track ends up being one of the best tracks on the album and it brings the album to a close on a very positive note.

The newest release from The Strawbs entitled The Ferryman’s Curse finds the band returning to the roots as the music on this latest album for the band features some songs that have a strong Folk influence while some of the tracks find the band adding a lot more energy to the music. This duality in the music creates an album that shows that the band not only still connects with its early musical history, but that it continues to evolve and change as the time passes.

The Ferryman’s Curse from The Strawbs will soon be released. Expect the album sometime in November.


The Strawbs are currently on tour. While they are currently making their way through Europe, the band will be making their way to our side of the Atlantic soon. As a matter of fact, the band will be in Cleveland, OH on November 14, 2017. On that date, the band will be playing the Music Box Supper Club. Click the link for all of the details.

For more information, check out the band’s PR firm, Anne Leighton Media.


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