Book Review- The Icarus Deception: how high will you fly?


Don’t buy Seth Godin’s newest book- The Icarus Deception: how high will you fly


  •       Seth Godin is the leading marketing guru in the world.
  •       Is a best-selling author of Purple-Cow, Tribes, Linchpin and Poke the Box.
  •       An entrepreneur and highly sought after speaker and motivator. 
  •       Has the pulse of business on his radar 
  •       Created some of the most remarkable marketing campaigns.      
  •       Contributes generously to charities.

Don’t buy the new book because: Seth started his own community website, tribe, or has the ability to alter an entire industry.

Buy the book because whatever Seth Godin knows- people listen, ideas spread and in the post-industrial era we need to be artists.

Review- The Icarus Deception: how high will you fly?

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Mr. Seth Godin

 Seth gives us the“inside” information on how to stand-out, speak-up and set the new standards by becoming an artist. His thoughts teach us how to fly higher than we ever could by casting the “old rules” aside which allows you to create your own artistry. 

When the Industrial era started nobody gave us the real story, we were the workers, the “cogs in the wheel.” They didn’t want leaders; they sought obedient and compliant followers to work the factory jobs for a penance and gold watch.

Schools were created to train legions of children how to be compliant and follow directions. Goods were marketed to increase sales, build more factories, hire additional workers and we complied. They influenced us so well we bought into debt never realizing our commitment would soon steal our hearts and soul.

The success of this marketing philosophy created industries, corporations, and conglomerates. Suddenly, the inevitable happened.

A migration in search of cheaper sources, products and people turned our lives upside-down. Everything we were told, promised or expected has faded. The Icarus Deception explains where we are going and will rewire the way you think.

In a way, The Icarus Deception is a conglomeration of Seth Godin’s previous books tied together, to the new economy. It’s the handbook to your future. They didn’t let us in on the old secrets- this time we have no excuse

Here are some of the highlights:

·       The myth of Icarus- how it corresponds to conformity and compliance .

·       Why we should create Art.

·       The difference between our comfort and safety zones.

·       The introduction of the “connection economy.”

·       Building relationships that really matter.

·       The shortfalls of the Industrial Age.

·       The importance of “picking yourself.”

·       The joy and emotional labor of creating your own Art.

·       The meaning of being an Artist.

·       How fear stops us from doing work outside our comfort zone.

·       Dealing with “the resistance.”

·       Defining your audience.

·       The vulnerability of being an Artist.

·       Why your worldview keeps you from seeing the world as it is.

·       Going from a mindset of “wanting to giving.”

·       Reminding us- we are all connected.

The Icarus Deception is a book I will read over and over. I highly recommend it. I purchased my copy through Seth’s Kickstarter campaign

The Icarus Deception is the push to do what you’ve always wanted. It’s the approval to become what you’ve always dreamed of becoming. The Icarus Deception allows you the freedom to scale to new heights. Unlike the previous system of 100 years, it’s imperative you break the rules and stand-out.

More importunately it allows you to connect with people and do something meaningful by creating Art!

This is the chance and opportunity you’ve waited for- purchase The Icarus Deception today.

We’ve been bamboozled for too long. It’s your turn.

5 / 5 stars     


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