Bon Scotch show Review in January at the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill and are set to Appear Again!

Bon Scotch

Bon Scotch

*During the early Winter months, I suffered a bout with the virus that is going around and it resulted in “walking Pneumonia”.  My health condition was affected for more than two months. During this time period, I regretfully took on too many shows and has my illness progressed; I was unable to keep-up with several reviews.

This review is from earlier this year. My apologies to all the bands, fans, management and venues involved! 

The Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill was rockin’ full-speed ahead on this particular evening featuring several local bands and musicians! Applying the entertainment were: Chase Beaire, ZZ Three  (a ZZ Top tribute band), AWOL and Bon Scotch (an AC/DC tribute band).

Chase Beaire

As if I didn’t feel bad enough health-wise, upon arriving at the venue, I discovered I just missed the performance of local musician and opener, Chase Beaire. The young man always impresses me at his show with his beautiful voice, songs and music. Chase inherits his musical gift from the very talented family genes, who share their passion with us over the years.

The young man began his stage career at age eleven and is still inspiring us with his incredible music and voice! Chase was kind enough to pose for some photos and kidded around a bit with the guitar, even though I missed the performance. He has a cool traveling suitcase he operates his own music store out of at gigs to sell his merchandise (see the picture gallery).

Chase Beaire Photo Gallery.

I wonder if Mr. Bojangles had that kind of set-up?  Reliable sources informed me, that I missed a great show. Checkout this incredibly talented young man whenever you can and purchase a copy of his CD!

ZZ Three

ZZ Three is a fairly new band from the Mansfield, area. With a catalog of great tunes from ZZ Top the night began with a lot of older material from era that I loved the best. I mean who can argue about “Beer Drinkers and Hell Raiser’s”, Jesus Just Left Chicago”, “La Grange” or “Tush”. That fat sound, vibe with the Texas boogie that will set your pants on fire. You know the drill.

ZZ Three Photo Gallery.

Once the newer material from the ZZ Top catalog was performed the effectiveness wasn’t quite there for me. The guitar parts sometimes seemed too lean compared to the original recordings. Thomas Dodson plays a mean bass, the drummer was very robust, the cheap sunglasses were sharp; but the Billy Gibbons effect wasn’t ascertainable on some of the 80’s tunes. The band played with passion and fury, the tempos were great; but unfortunately when it’s just a three-piece band- it has to be as consistent as possible between eras of the tunes.

Perhaps, it was a bad night or something else was going on. I hope to hear ZZ Three on another night and give a better review!

AWOL took the stage just like their name suggests as they busted loose with a set of Rock ‘N Roll . These guys know how to hit the crowd, hard fast and heavy. Their veteran musicianship is a spontaneous combustion of talent. Thus, AWOL was the perfect setup for the headliner.

The band gave us a montage of hit songs from the 70’s, 80’s and upward to today. The variety of their musical catalog was a nice change of pace as the fans were pumped! With blistering material from Alice Cooper, Guns N’ Roses, Led Zeppelin, The Who and Black Sabbath, I was mesmerized at how well these guys cover the vast era of music presented. Mansfield has come along way in achieving perfection within the music scene!


The Lead Vocalist was a rock as he poured his heart and soul into the tunes. This young man has great potential for the future. His resiliency and stage presence is solid, as he entertains the crowd and achieves a nice response.  The dynamics, tone and authenticity was quite remarkable as he sang his lungs out!

Guitarist, Donnie Vincent shined as he drove the solos through the roof and his energetic nuances, while making it look easy, The drummer kept solid time and punched away as he treated the crowd to a barrage of percussion artillery! The bassist had the strings fluttering as he lapsed into the music with a strong tone. The additional guitarist was a killer as he laid down solid riffs along with the occasional solo.

AWOL is a robust band with plenty of great tunes to enjoy. I highly recommend you check them out!

AWOL Photo Gallery.

Bon Scotch

Bon Scotch is known to pack the house with their rowdy AC/DC material. Usually by the end of the night the stage is a cluster of fans dancing as the band soars through their last song. On this night, the unusual antics quickly opened the show as guitarist, Adam Taylor (dressed as Angus Youngin his school-boy outfit)  appeared from the floor hoisted above a mans shoulders. The effective intro got he crowd pumped-up quick and the rout was on!

This band definitely knows how to put on a show and the aunthetic sound is bombasted loud and clear! If you’ve never seen AC/DC back in the Bon Scott era, then this is as close as you’re about to get to time travel.

Fiery frontman and vocalist, Scott Bon’e is Bon Scott re-incarnated. His voice, movements and persona epitomizes the late great singer. While they may not physically look alike, I’ve never heard anyone imitate the original vocalist better!

As guitarist, Adam Taylor imitates Angus Young to the bone between his riffs and poignant strutting across the stage, cascading into a perpetual motion of spunk at a madman’s pace! The look, feel and aggression is livid with excitement energy and watching him at my age wore me out.

The drummer thrashed, crashed and bashed away his anxiety as the band shook and quivered through tunes such as: “Whole Lotta Rosie” and ‘She’s Got The Jack”. These tunes brought back my yesteryear memories at the old Cleveland Agora,  when I used to hear cover bands crank out those tune in 1976. Ah the memories, I thought went up in smoke, returned on this evening courtesy of Bon Scotch.

The bassist blemished the band nicely with his solid rhythms and permeable bass patterns. Occasionally the bassist steps out from the stage shadows and assists on back-up vocals as did guitarist, Ron McDonald. The vocals are spot-on and they are sung so well, it goes without a hitch.

Ron McDonald with Scott Bon’e

Ron McDonald is an unsung hero in this band, enjoying every minute as he lays down the staunch riffs or rips a staggering solo. The talented musician has many musical options at his disposal, but he provides a steady rhythm and clearly takes his work seriously! His perception, diligence and passion to perform at top-notch level is a joy to watch.

This band is a powerhouse of electricity and energy. Most of these gentlemen are near my age. I don’t know how they withstand the rigors of the magnitude of their show. So buckle-up, take two chill pills and unwind as Bon Scotch will appear Saturday, March 4th at the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill once again! Opening will be TURNBUCKLER at 8:00 p.m.

Don’t miss it or be late like me!

Bon Scotch Photo Gallery.












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