Bobby Amaru Rocks at the Empire Concert Club & Bar in Akron!

Bobby Amaru

Bobby Amaru interviewing with Jennifer Colleen.

We recently had the fortune to watch Bobby Amaru, the voice of Saliva perform at the Empire Concert Club & Bar in Akron, Ohio. Bobby was also gracious enough to allow our new co-hostess, Jennifer Colleen to interview him prior to the show for an upcoming video episode of Rock Lines. His courtesy was extended to us right before he took the stage and we are appreciative of his time since most artists prefer peace and quiet before they hit the stage.

Bobby Amaru is a class act and we want to thank him and his management for allowing us the privilege of interviewing and meeting him before witnessing an incredible performance! We would like to personally thank Travis, who was video taping Dynamo Love, for filling in and assisting us with the video taping of the interview! Special thanks to promoters, Scott and Corrina Benedum for their graciousness too!

Dynamo Love

Opening up the event was Dynamo Love from Kent, Ohio. This quartet of musicians definitely impressed with their blend of Funk/Blues/Rock/Soul sounds. Dynamo Love has a unique way of constructing music, which changes quickly during a tune and develops an emphasis on cross-patterns of music; while perpetrating a core feel of emotion. Dynamo Love began the evening with an acoustical set, then several of the members switched instruments to permeate an electric sound of tunes.

Vocalist, Chelsi McCurry of Dynamo Love.

The band is interesting to watch in action as they propagate musical styles on a dime, while performing their original material. I found some of their music to remind of the 1960’srock riffs interlaced with funk and soul. The musicians have a way of taking you on a journey and keeping your attention with their ever-changing progressions and at times epic feel. Vocalist, Chelsi McCurry has a dynamite stage presence suited for this band and her vocals are pleasant, lush and moving. The young blonde definitely captured the attention of the crowd with her voice, looks and demeanor.

Dynamo Love Photo Gallery.


Edicine is another band with off the beaten path original music that captures your mind and senses. The Akron, Ohio band have only been together for about two years, but have quite a following already! Their slant on hard rock is refreshing and laced with an “old school’ feel at times. With an assortment of musical nuances interspersed throughout their songs it was a delight to hear Edicine!

Vocalist, Jamison Bozik of Edicine.

Bassist, Tyler Blackburn.

The vocalist, Jamison Bozik is fiery with his sometimes over-the-top vocals often giving me the feel of slight punk and metal, while the band and vocalist instigated a progressive rock feel at other times reminiscent of King Crimson. Although the vocalist wore a King Crimson T-shirt, I found those prog-rock infusions quite a surprise to those younger folks in the crowd who’ve probably never heard of King Crimson.

Their bassist, Tyler Blackburn is an exceptional musician often providing melodic undertones and diversions in the style of John Entwhistle, Gary Thain and John Wetton. While the bands bio describes themselves as a “Supergroup”, I have to agree. The underlying tones, musicianship and passion is evident throughout their performance.

Edicine Photo Gallery.

Bobby Amaru

Bobby Amaru hit the stage to the cheers of the crowd. The Saliva front-man had his guitar as his weapon of choice and combined with his beautiful voice, it was a special night indeed! His personality shined between and during the songs. The mellow man gave us his heart and soul as he poured through his own well-written compositions acoustically, along with some Saliva material and a few cover tunes.

The resonance of this Jacksonville, Florida musician kept the crowd loving every minute as he took his time to please the fans! The musical setting of an intimate, up-close venue gave everyone a chance to see Bobby as he swept through his music and he satisfied his fans. The Empire Concert Club & Bar have improved their lighting since I’ve last attended a show in Akron and the spotlight definitely shined on Bobby Amaru all night!

I was amazed at his ability to project his passion into his acoustical tunes. The professional demeanor and his calmness was distinctly delivered. The impressive dynamics between his vocals and guitar was amazing. This music flowed with a passion delivered from his heart throughout the evening. The renditions of a Gun’s and Roses tune along with an Aerosmith and Bon Jovi song were perfect as if it was Jon Bon Jovi or Steven Tyler onstage singing. Bobby Amaru had the fans singing along and the show was splendid!

We highly suggest you catch Bobby Amaru and/or Saliva on tour. This man is a true professional with a demeanor of a true gentleman!

Thank you for an unforgettable evening of music and entertainment!

Don’t forget to keep watching The Rust Belt Chronicles for our upcoming video interview with Bobby Amaru on Rock Lines!

Bobby Amaru Photo Gallery.

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  1. Joyce Smith says:

    I watched Saliva when they played in Parkersburg, W.Va. They’re one of my favorites and I loved the concert. My best friend moved to Akron so I came up to visit her. We went for a drive around Lake Portage and decided to get something to eat. We stopped at a small diner and asked the waitress if they had any lives bands playing anywhere. Imagine how excited I was when she said Bobby Amaru was playing acoustic at the Empire. We bought tickets and when we got there we saw Corrine (the waitress). She said she had a surprise and Bobby Amaru walked around the corner. I could have died happy right there! My friend took pictures of us and he talked for a few minutes. He’s just a super person. I took pictures of him and I’ve got them on FB.
    I don’t want to sound over-dramatic, but this was one of the highlights of my life; right up there with seeing Pink Floyd in concert.

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