Bobby Amaru of Saliva Interviews with Rock Lines Hostess, Jennifer Colleen!


Rock Lines

Bobby Amaru with Rock Lines Hostess: Jennifer Colleen.

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In case you missed it, Episode #4 of Rock Lines was released earlier this month. One of our newest journalists, Jennifer Colleen interviewed Lead Vocalist, Bobby Amaru of Saliva. The interview was done in one take, unrehearsed by our lovely hostess at The Empire Concert Club & Bar in Akron, Ohio.

I want to thank Jennifer for the extensive research towards the preparation of her interview with Bobby. Jennifer admitted she was extremely nervous due to her friendship with people inside the Bobby Saliva camp. I believe she did an incredible job any interviewer/news anchor would be proud of! Considering this was her first video appearance, she exceeded all expectations!

The fantastic video production was edited by Nita Rindengan of JNR/Vision. Video camera was the courtesy of Travis Spada/Rolling Stop Films. Music provided courtesy of Autumn Burning. We would also like to thank Bobby Amaru of Saliva for his kindness, Scott and Corrina Benedum of V.E. Promotions and The Empire Concert Club & Bar!

Special thanks to our sponsors for making this possible, the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill, Ink In The Clink 2017 and Metronome Music in Mansfield, Ohio!

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