Bobby Amaru of Saliva hits the Empire Concert Club and Bar in Akron!

Three Questions with Bobby Amaru, the Voice of Saliva

Bobby AmaruSaliva frontman, Bobby Amaru will be returning to Akron for a solo acoustic show on Friday, February 3rd at the Empire Concert Club and Bar. Opening the show will be Edicine and Dynamo Love. Tickets are  available from V. E. Promotions, Edicine, Dynamo Love, or
Bobby recently took time out of preparing to talk to the Rust Belt Chronicles about his upcoming gig with our new journalist and Co-Hostess of Rock Lines, Jennifer Colleen.
1. You have had a bit of a break after the last Saliva tour. How have you been spending your time off?
Being a dad, which is pretty much what I do when I’m not touring. They are with their mom tonight but I typically have them a lot while I am home. When I go on tour obviously I miss things (with them). My son was doing soccer for four years straight and he decided he wants to do karate now, and his little sister, she’s five, and she wants to do karate too, so I have two kids in karate now. It’s weird because when you are out (on tour) you’re playing a few 100 clubs a year or whatever it is. The last thing you do when you go home is go out to a club.
2. Are you looking forward to hitting the road on your own for a bit?
You know the downtime thing is cool but I get like, what I call “jonesing”, and I have to get out and do shows. I like doing the solo acoustic stuff. I love being on stage (with Saliva) and the full blown energy, but it’s a breath of fresh air. It’s just a little different for me to go and just kind of be by myself  and play. It’s a different feeling. And I like can’t stay home for more than you know a month or two anyway without wanting to get back out there.
3. What can your fans expect from one of your solo acoustic sets?
Well I will say its night and day from a Saliva show. Obviously acoustic is a little more laid back, but I’ll play some Saliva songs too, and I do some pretty cool covers, and some original stuff. I kind of mix it up. I don’t ever really play the same set list every night. It kind of just depends on the crowd. If it’s an older crowd then I’ll throw in some different kind of covers than if it’s a younger crowd. I kind of just read the crowd for what I’m going to do. Its weird, I kind of write out a set list but I never end up really using it. I mix it up. It’s kind of cool, or at least people seem to dig it. ((laughs))
Keep an eye out for more our video interview with Bobby on our next upcoming episode of Rock Lines.
And don’t miss out on a chance to see Bobby Amaru perform his acoustic rock and roll up close and personal at one of Akron’s best live music venues! 
WHAT: Bobby Amaru- The Voice of Saliva (with Edicine & Dynamo Love)
WHERE: The Empire Concert Club
                 1305 E. Tallmadge Ave
                  Akron OH 44310
DATE: Friday February 3rd, 2017
DOORS OPEN: 7:00pm, show starts 8:00 pm
TICKETS: $12.00 in advance and $15.00 at the door
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