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The Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill in Mansfield, Ohio pulled-off another sold-out show with BOBAFLEX, Scars Like Mine and Save What’s Left providing a solid punch of Rock N’ Roll. Despite the chilling temperatures outside, the venue/restaurant was nice and toasty inside! The staff worked fluently serving the thirsty crowd throughout the night as the bands put the fans in sonic overdrive. The excitement was apparent as the opening bands raised the energy level of the faithful!

Save What's Left

Save What’s Left

Photo: © 2016 Jim Carver / Paradiddle Publishing

Save What’s Left was first on the musical agenda and it was the first-time I’ve seen this band as a four-piece. With Nick Rohr taking over the role as the bassist, the night of on-stage pandemonium was set. The band performed a mix of originals and covers blending their musical skills with artistry, pizazz and energetic tantrum. Anyone who has seen Save What’s Left knows this band is a party and tonight’s show was a full-scale assault of your senses.

Lead Vocalist, Jerimie Stevens paced the stage and often leaned forward into the crowd inviting the fans to sing-along or just teased with a sly smile. This guy knows how to work the house between his dynamics and fortitude. Jerimie’s projection was loud and clear, while his pitch drove home the score! Jeremy Phillips displayed his usual awesome guitar riffs and soaring solos as he leveled the playing field with the six-string. His feverish attitude is always a sight to witness as he poses like a man on a merciless mission. Was the spirit of Hendrix was smiling down on him? Nothing would surprise me with JP!

Save What’s Left Photo Gallery

Photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / Paradiddle Publishing.

Drummer, Nick Rohr played his heart out as he piloted the drumkit. This guy is a machine, moving between the cymbals and toms like it’s his own little village! Nick Rock absconded the fret of the bass as he threw his hair around the air. The young man is a talented musician who definitely has the ability open the levee and let all hell break loose!

With a short set as the opener. It seemed liked the party was just getting started when the last song was performed.  Finishing out their set with ‘Bodies’ added to the delight of the crowd. Although many wanted an encore due to time constraints it wasn’t meant to be. Checkout Save What’s Left the next time you get the opportunity to get a full-dose of their addendum!

Scars Like Mine

The last time I saw Scars Like Mine perform was at Ink In The Clink this past summer. Needless to say this band packs a punch with their heavy music, rabid vocals and manic stage presence. This band hails from Columbus, Ohio and tour  the club scene extensively gathering new fans at every gig. On this particular evening the young men had the additional appearance of Alex Mayer on guitar from Bed Remedy assisting in the pillage of Mansfield, Ohio. With Bad Remedy currently on hiatus, it was great to see Alex back onstage!

Bassist Extrordinaire, Joseph “Bro Bobb” Roberts.

Scars Like Mine performed a short setlist with material mainly taken from their latest release. Although the haze in the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill was thick as thieves, the band relegated through the clouds of smoke without a musical hitch. The powerful anthems had the crowd approval the entire set and this band has no problem proving where there’s smoke there’s fire!

Scars Like Mine Photo Gallery

Photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / Paradiddle Publishing.

The band fired-off tune after tune with little time to spare as they sought to immerse the audience into a sea of one! Lead vocalist, Jake Cary worked the crowd relentless as he perched above the stage and sang his heart out. The dynamic vocalist served notice he was in complete control of his domain!  Guitarist, Ryan McRobie gave us a fortitude of guitar riffs and solos with angst, passion and envious profusion! The energy, flair and robust fingerings were grounded in professional articulation and enhance the groups show!

Drummer, Branden Wilson fought his way through the stage mist to power the band like a cattle stampede from the drum throne. The energy and climatic fills lifted the band through its paces at a staggering clip! The timing, frolic and fun created by Branden was infectious! Alex Mayer showed us why he is a master of the guitar and has the ability to maverick his way quietly from the shadows while providing solid rhythm and occasional snearing riffs to the fans!

 But it was Bassist, Joseph “Bro Bobb” Roberts, who’s appearance and playing style gras a lot of crowd attention as plays like a madman! Wearing the bass guitar high on his chest (ala Chris Squire) and his braided hair flying perhaps as fast as his fingers is a treat to witness live. This musician is one of the pinnacles of the bands anarchy as he lives on the edge of the stage displaying his talent. Although his performance seems to create chaos, it’s actually calculated and precise as he manifests his fingers throughout the neck.

The fans loved the new single released on BFX Records, “The Death of Me” as the band shot through the new tune and their debut CD. Scars Like Mine are clearly a upcoming force in the music scene and I advise you to check them out whenever possible!

BOBAFLEX’S (Shawn McCoy)

Photo: © 2016 Jim Carver / Paradiddle Publishing

BOBAFLEX is one of the hardest touring bands in the USA! Having just finished their last tour and set to lock themselves in the recording studio after 157 dates on the road last year, the band only took 4 days off preior to the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill show. To say this isn’t a live band is a insult. Their fans love BOBAFLEX to death and the band takes every opportunity possible to add to their tour agenda in order to return the affection!

On this evening, the band opened its first three songs with Shawn McCoy on lead vocals, while Marty McCoy cranked out the guitar. The lead vocal mix between Marty and Shawn with the occasional vocals of guitarist, Dave Tipple mixes nicely as the hard-rockers unleash a bedlam of fury all-night! When BOBAFLEX hits town it’s a party and these guys exhaust themselves emotionally and physically at every show. The band would have it no other way, that’s why BOBAFLEX are so good live. Don’t get me wrong, the bands recordings are great, but their true environmental power is on the stage!

We were treated to the new upcoming release cover of Pink Floyd’s, “Hey You” and it was magnificent! The tune had the dark brooding edge and tranquil vocals laced with power and steam. BOBAFLEX has a way of doing covers loud and proud! The band has an eerie way of capturing the feel of this tune as the original composition does, while building the music throughout by branding their own original sound within the climatic last few minutes. Their ability to pick random tunes and cover artists so well in the past makes “Hey You” an unexpected surprise in the same vein as other tunes the band has successfully covered!

Tommy Johnson

Photo: © 2016 Jim Carver / Paradiddle Publishing

BOBAFLEX shot through their setlist like a dreaded disease, taking no prisoners and leaving the sold-out crowd begging for more. With Shawn and Marty splitting duties between guitar and lead vocals, the night was ensured of a heavy dose of hard rock of magical proportions. Bassist Jymmy Tolland stood in the shadows much of the night simply wringing the neck of his instrument, bending the melody and framework of each song into a energetic flow of meticulous lineage! Drummer, Tommy Johnson is so fun to watch as he slaps the toms and cymbals like a whip master driving team BOBAFLEX forward.  His ability to use the double-bass drum is startling as he infuses rolls and syncopated lather with venomous power along with the occasional smiles to the crowd. Simply a centrifuge of power, mobility and precision in action.

BOBAFLEX Photo Gallery

Photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / Paradiddle Publishing.

The crowd loved, “Spider In The Dark”, while “Mama (Don’t Take My Drugs Away)” drove the fans at the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill into bedlam. This was a great show from the first note to the last and it won’t be the last time Mansfield see’s BOBAFLEX in 2017. If you haven’t seen BOBAFLEX before I highly recommend them! I’ve said this band is on the cusp of greatness and I believe their next album will put them over-the-top in pure BOBAFLEX fashion.

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