BOBAFLEX & Loyal Fans celebrate CD release of “Eloquent Demons” at Newport Music Hall – Columbus


BOBAFLEX introduces the fans to their  “Eloquent Demons”

In the sports world, they say a team “travels” well, meaning it’s fans follow them to away games and once there they make their presence known, usually in a loud and rowdy fashion. The Pittsburgh Steelers and their fans come to mind. Bobaflex and their fans are not far removed from the Steel town team and their fans in terms of loyalty and rowdiness. Prior to the show, the Bobaflex fan page on Facebook was buzzing with alerts of fans coming from far and wide. They came from all over, from states bordering Ohio, from Wisconsin and one fan who became known at the show, traveling the great distance from Texas.

Bobaflex and their fans came together last this past Friday to celebrate the release of the bands eighth studio album, Eloquent Demons. The album was recorded right here in Central Ohio at Sonic Lounge Studios, so it was fitting that the home town team host the release party at home, at one of the oldest and most historic live music venues in America. The list of bands who have played the Newport is a who’s who of Rock & Roll. The list includes KISS, U2 and Motorhead among others, and last Friday night, Bobaflex added their name to the wall.

Bobaflex’s lineup Marty McCoy (guitar/vocals), Shaun McCoy (guitar/vocals), Dave Tipple (guitar/vocals), Tommy Johnson (drums) and Jymmy Tolland (bass) is solid of a lineup as any band on tour today. Those who traveled far to see their favorite band were not to be disappointed, but before the band took the stage, the crowd was treated to some high energy bands that came to the CD release party in support of their friends Bobaflex.

LoveSick Radio

Supporting Acts

Firing up the crowd first was Lovesick Radio (LSR). Taking the stage strong, the band soon had the attention of the growing crowd ripping through a hard-rock, heavy guitar laden set, that got the crowd up and active. LSR’s current lineup includes David Harris – Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Slide, Acoustic, BK Vocals, Troy Brown – Lead Vocals, Glenn Viers – Bass Guitar, Matt Bores – Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, BK Vocals and Matt Seskevics – Drums, BK Vocals. We look forward to covering this band at their own headlining show soon. The lineup is strong and the Rock & Roll is right up our alley!

Then came Liquid6teen, a band we really wanted to catch, however we had an obligation backstage with Bobaflex and a scheduled interview. Unfortunately, we missed their set and were unable to document it with photos. Jim Carver (photographer) and myself (Mac) owe Liquid6teen a huge apology and a shout out. Give us a shout guys and we will be out to cover your next show for sure!

Liquid16teen is made up of Aaron Benner – Vocals, John Benner – Guitar, Clay Mace – Bass, Jimmy Yank – Drums and John Mills – Guitar. We look forward to catching this band soon!

Lovesick Radio Photo Gallery.


Dread Engine

DREAD ENGINE “One Engine Many Parts”

The evening was alive and buzzing along because of all the fantastic Rock & Roll! Then Dread Engine took the stage, and I mean THEY TOOK THE STAGE! Dread Engine is a big band, consisting of the powerful Sam Stockdale – Lead Vocals, Rick Kaercher – Digital Engineer, Vocals, Jake Spears – Guitar, Brian Kuhn – Drums, Johnathan Collins – Bass and Tommy Sartin – Guitar. With six members, they took over the Newport with a thunder that must have reverberated up and down High Street on the campus of The Ohio State University.

To say Dread Engine is a rock band on the rise is an understatement. They are a ROCK band that has arrived and they are demanding national attention in my opinion. Front-man Sam Stockdale, a humble and kind sort one on one, is a force to be reckoned with on stage. His voice is a monster and he commands the stage as if he were born to it. Rick Kaercher is no slouch himself bring a blend of backing and lead vocals to compliment Stockdale’s vocal arsenal. The rest of the band just flat out keeps the pedal down and the rock coming. Like Bobaflex, Dread Engine is in community with their fans and watching them interact with the fans is like watching family. The stage presence of this band has the feel of a touring band. We expect big things for this big sounding band, and we look forward to our continuing relationship with them.

Dread Engine Photo Gallery.



BOBAFLEX – “The age of the demon is upon them…”

Bobaflex took the stage on time, with the crowd chanting: BOBAFLEX, BOBAFLEX BOBAFLEX!! They opened up the show with a cut from Eloquent Demons, “I Am a Nightmare”, a solid Rock & Roll song that got the already charged up crowd pumping their fists and flashing the rock horns! Bobaflex was home and the Newport was shaking all the way to its old foundations.

Bobaflex is an outlaw Rock & Roll band in the same vein of Motorhead and the Ramones. There is not a lot of bullshitting between songs, they come to play and the set is in your face from start to finish. “Flexes” rhythm section is solid and hard! I would stack Tommy Johnson and Jymmy Tolland up against Alex Van Halen and Michael Anthony any day of the week. Trading vocal duties, Shaun and Marty McCoy are simply big time phenomenal and the transition between the two is smooth. Bringing the Flex juggernaut together is Dave Tipple on lead guitar, with crunching transitions and searing leads, Dave completes the Outlaw Rock sound that Bobaflex has become famous for.

BOBAFLEX Photo Gallery.

Continuing into the set, Bobaflex, churned out “I’m Glad You’re  Dead”, “Chemical Valley”, Mama (Don’t Take my Drugs Away)”, “Never Coming Back”, “Bad Man”, “Vampire” and “Home”. They then brought out another cut from the CD: “Long Time Coming” , the second single from the album. This track rocked the house, and nearly ran it over with bluesy riffs, laden with heavy metal and equally heavy rhythm. Not only will this track be a big hit for the band, it will soon be a crowd favorite in the ever growing “Flex“ catalog of “fan favorites”.

Taking the crowd down the tracks to the end of the show, Bobaflex jammed “A Spider in the Dark”, “Start a War”, “Rise”, “Losing my Mind” and Pink Floyd’s “Hey You”, another single from the new CD. The show was brought to a close with the bands signature hit “Bury Me With my Guns On”, a song that flat out simply personifies the bands outlaw image.

If I haven’t said it enough, Bobaflex is a Rock & Roll band in the purest form. There is no let down, there is no time for a beer run, there is no awkward silence. These ole boys from West Virginia are serious about their business and they will earn every cent you have spent on a ticket. If you haven’t experienced Bobaflex, go online now, find out where they are playing and go find out what you have been missing!

Thank you!

Jim Carver (Founder of TRBC) and myself would like to thank Marty McCoy for his generosity and his time. Thanks brother!

We would like to thank Thick Rick of 99.7 The Blitz, for his help with our interview with Marty McCoy. Also to Jeremy Loper and Randi Rasar of the “Loper & Randi Show” also of 99.7 the Blitz for their continued support and encouragement along with Ronni Hunter of the Blitz as well. You guys Rock Columbus!

And as always – Thanks to Promowest and the Newport Music Hall Staff!

Mac on Music“Tell me what ya know, tell me what ya hear, send me your thoughts!”

Photo Credits: Jim Carver – The Rust Belt Chronicles



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