12341537_10153820940144551_882228710936419170_nBucyrus is a community that chose to embrace their historic ties to organized crime as opposed to downplaying or denying the connection.  Bobaflex is led by Martin and Shaun McCoy of Point Pleasant, WV.  They are descendants of Randall McCoy, the family patriarch involved in the world’s most documented feud with William Anderson Hatfield that began during the Civil War.  As a result, Hatfield-McCoy is now a global lexicon used to describe opposing factions in a bitter encounter.  It’s a natural fit.  West Virginia’s Wonderful Wildmen of Rock and Roll performing at a venue dedicated to preserving the legacy of the American outlaw.  The long awaited return of Bobaflex to Dillinger’s Event Center in Bucyrus, OH. is finally here this upcoming Friday, December 11th.


IMG_20151123_071842Had the McCoy brothers been raised in an area of the country other than the callous coalfield communities of southern West Virginia, the band may not have possessed the attributes necessary to overcome the seemingly insurmountable roadblocks placed in the path of their careers.  Their determination and refusal to accept any outcome other than success could easily be misconstrued as straight up stupidity.  It is both an American success story and a cautionary tale for other musicians.  A result of this continual struggle for survival in the early years is Bobaflex gaining a reputation as one the hardest working bands in rock and roll.  Aside from the McCoys, Dave Tipple, Jymmy Tolland, and Tommy Johnson play guitar, bass, and drums to comprise Bobaflex.

IMG_20151207_155424Bobaflex is always trailed by a throng of rabid supporters so get your tickets early.  Bobaflex fans are family and there is an early meet and greet session with tickets available on the Bobaflex website.  Meet and greet admission will not include admission to the show.  This show is augmented with performances from the bands Impending Lies, 8 Lb. Pressure, and Noizflor.  Tickets for the show are $10.00 in advance and $15.00 the day of the show.  The doors open at 8:00 p.m. and the first show begins at 8:30.  This is an 18 and over show.  The showclix website for tickets to the show is below:

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Dillinger’s Event Center, located at 144 Washington Square Bucyrus, OH (419)-562-0114 is a great place to see a show with ample parking, friendly and attentive staff, and great drink prices.  Check in with The Rust Belt Chronicles for their next event.


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