Big Smo and the Outlaws Unplugged define “Kuntry” Music at Dillingers!

Big Smo preparing to address the crowd. 

Dillingers Entertainment Center and Restaurant and TK Booking & Promoter gave us a night of good ‘ole Southern Country mixed with Hip-Hop, Rap and traditional music.  The weather was wet outside but the lovely venue was cozy inside.  Tables were packed with people enjoying the delicious food and dining experience at Dillinger’s.  With the restaurant now open for lunch, the tasty food is becoming quite popular too!

Big Smo sold-out at his last appearance at Dillinger’s Entertainment Center and Restaurant.  The crowd turnout on this particular evening lacked a little, which was a shame due to the weekend of Rock On the Range falling on the same date.  Overall though, this was a great night of entertainment.

 Outlaws Unplugged

Outlaws Unplugged are a trio of very talented musicians.  Their set consisted of many traditional Country Music, Bluegrass classics along with their own original material interspersed throughout the setlist.  The audience definitely tapped their feet to their American blend of songs of  lined with historical musical roots.  Guitarist and Lead Vocalist, Jim Hurt has a deep rich voice rendering him capable of that famous Southern drawl as he reinforces the original tones and mood.  Considering his inspiring story of surviving a health scare (look for more on that story as we interview Jim, soon); this gentleman is one soft-spoken and caring individual!

Jim’s band-mates created quite a stir has they meticulously forged their way through the tunes.  In tune all night long, with a crispy acoustical flair reminiscent of the 1950’s and 1960’s era of sound; this band took us back in time.  Their passion for Country Music is as evident as this band sounds like the “Man In Black”, himself!  The band is currently working on a new CD to be released soon.

We highly recommend the Outlaws Unplugged for a fine night at your event, indoors or out!  The band is family friendly.  Outlaws Unplugged return to Dillinger’s Entertainment Center and Restaurant on July 22nd.

The Outlaws Unplugged Photo Gallery.

All Photos: Erica M. Lenhoff/The Rust Belt Chronicles.

Big Smo

Big Smo hit Dillinger’s so hard, the steam was rising throughout the rafters.  Having never witnessed a Big Smo show I was amazed at how loyal the fans were as his tour stop hit Bucyrus, Ohio.  Yes, Big Smo can Rap with the best of ’em, but when you mix that Southern music with Hip-Hop too; the outcome is unique!   The deliverance was stirring as he lifted the spirits of all the crowd.  The floor was filled deep with fans as he strutted and passionately delivered tune after tune.

The big man is personal in his quest to send his message to everyone.  He doesn’t just make you feel the lyrics, somehow; he convinces you into that particular zone.  The House cheered loudly when he performed his latest hit, ” We The People”, and I must say his love for the Country and our military veterans and soldiers speaks loudly!  I love this tune as it hits home right between the eyes.  However, the fans erupted  in pandemonium when he performed his hit,  “Kuntry Livin’.  Never mind the music was pre-recorded, the sound, the message and Big Smo’s passion is a testament to his voice, pride and love of everything “Kuntry”.

Big Smo Photo Gallery.

All Photos: Erica M. Lenhoff/The Rust Belt Chronicles.


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