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Last weekend, I attended the Stan Shot Molly CD release/Halloween Costume party at Mike’s Pizza Pub in Lexington, Ohio. Since I’ve never heard the band perform before, I really had no idea what to expect from the quartet. Where they an Alternative band? Do they perform cover material or do Stan Shot Molly strictly perform their own material?

Stan Shot Molly is a Mansfield area band bringing alternative and progressive rock to North Central Ohio and beyond. The band is Bill Huvler on vocals and guitar, Dave Bugg on Bass, Skip Pryor on Lead Guitar, Matt Kempf on Drums and James Amos on keyboard. Stan Shot Molly has been through many incarnations since 1995, but the current formation occurred in 2012 with the joining of a new drummer, Matt Kempf, and keyboardist, James Amos. Bill Huvler, Dave Bugg and Skip Pryor were the foundation of the band through the 2000s. Over the years, Stan Shot Molly has had the pleasure of playing with prominent bands, such as Body Count (with Ice T), Bobaflex, Pyscostick, and Downtown Brown.

After witnessing Stan Shot Molly live performance, I was mesmerized by their phenomenal musicianship, music and commitment towards developing their own art and sound. You can’t really apply a specific label to Stan Shot Molly’s music. I was pleasantly surprised to find a band so unique by structuring their music to a variety of styles within each song. Even the few cover songs Stan Shot Molly played were injected with their own musical flair. Boring is not part of their musical itinerary!

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with vocalist and guitarist, Bill Huvler, who is one of the founding members of Stan Shot Molly.

“Everything is pretty much based on our playing style- mostly 60’s – 70’s -80’s – 90’s music”, said Huvler. “These are our four areas of influence. We never said no to someone’s idea for a song because it didn’t fit our image or what we thought was our sound. We just like to play music and whatever else we feel like doing.”


"These Ghosts Still Haunt Me"- The new CD by Stan Shot Molly.

“These Ghosts Still Haunt Me”- The new CD by Stan Shot Molly.

Stan Shot Molly has just released their new CD entitled, These Ghosts Still Haunt Me.” After listening to the tracks from the CD at the show, I can say it should be on everyone’s radar to order a copy. It’s that good! It’s so refreshing to hear music that is so difficult to label and at the same time; I found it inspiring and full of creativity from beginning to end. 

 “These songs sound much different than we did in the past”, according to Bill Huvler. “Much less aggressive. They’re more influenced by Alternative and Indie work.” The guitarist and vocalist stated, “We receive lots of questions about what the title of the CD means to me.”

“Ghosts are like memories and that’s what you use to write a song about. Good & bad memories and life experiences are pretty much what we base the writing off of. The haunting aspect is just the good & bad memories that are naturally still there and a part of you”, said Huvler. 

It was quite apparent while watching Stan Shot Molly their fan-base is dedicated and the house was packed!

“Our fans have supported us now for over a decade”, said Bill. “We were never about playing a bunch of cover songs. So their support is true. We’ve had them follow us all the way to Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio. Up to 100 people or more at a time to watch our shows.”

“Our fans are very loyal and dedicated”, stated Bill Huvler. “We call them ‘shotheads’.”

The chemistry within Stan Shot Molly appears to be genuine and “special” in order for the band to encompass such a wide spectrum of multiple types of Rock n’ Roll within a single composition. Egos or musical differences don’t appear to stop this band from contributing while being unique and creating their own style.

“We’re all best friends and it’s great we all get along and play together” said Bill. “We’ve all been offered jobs in other bands. We decline because we enjoy what we’re doing so much. One thing about cover songs, about 80% of the time, we like to do our own version of them.”

According to all in attendance at their recent gig, the club owners and myself:

Stan Shot Molly is a joy to hear “live” and it’s an artistic delight to the senses!”

Order a copy of These Ghosts Still Haunt Me” through You may listen to the tracks on the new CD prior to purchasing the CD at If you live in the North Central Ohio area , you may purchase a copy at Relax, Its Just Coffee on North Main Street in Mansfield, Ohio. And finally, if you are friends with the band, hit Stan Shot Molly up on their FaceBook page to buy a copy.

Look for the review of These Ghosts Still Haunt Me” within the coming weeks of The Rust Belt Chronicles!


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