Autumn Burning, My Memory Remains and Xero light-up the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill!

Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill

My Memory Remains at The Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill.

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Several weeks ago, the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill lit-up the chilly night in Mansfield, Ohio with some robust hard rock/metal music. With six-months of rock and roll existence under their belt, the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill were offering a “free show”.  I am happy to report the local fans arrived and celebrated the evening at the music venue. For some, this would be their first time at the WWB&G, for others; it was another adventure in rock!

The bar got slammed early on and I was impressed with the staff’s professional and enthusiasm. Even the Chef, assisted in the effort to expedite the service to the customers. It’s moments like these that makes me proud to see such a caring staff at the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill. Witnessing that collaboration of professionalism, resulted in many happy customers with a great music line-up still to come!


Xero opened the evening’s festivities. The local bands return appearance was a pleasure to see and hear as they jaunted through their set. Armed with cover tunes that are out of the ordinary hard rock/metal excursions resulted into another enjoyable evening of stellar music. Guitarist/vocalist, Bill Summers has this band performing a very tight and robust set. Xero amazes me with their professional edge that resonates throughout their show.

XERO Photo Gallery.

It’s even more amazing to witness their performances since the band doesn’t play out often. Speaking with Bill, the logistics between the band members and daytime employment result in few rehearsals as well. This is a testament to the musicians professional veteran musicianship. Their focus, ambition and passion is clear. Checkout Xero when you get the opportunity they provide a solid performance anywhere, anytime!

My Memory Remains

My Memory Remains hit the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill like a freight train. This band rocked, socked and perpetuated their way through their set list. Currently on the road with their “Stand Strong Tour” it’s easy to see why this band is making Wisconsin known for more than just cheese! Although this marked my first-time seeing the band I was definitely impressed.

The thunderous performance created a stir of excitement amongst the fans. The band won-over many new followers! Lead vocalist, Nicole Steinmetz was superb as she dazzled and raised the atmosphere a few notches, perpetuating the mood to another level. Justin Perry on lead guitar was a benevolent force, whisking his ability to shred and effectively obliterate the venue. Bassist, C.J. Schmidt took us across the scales with a fury of melodic overtones. Drummer, Kyle Miller walloped the skins like a madman, while rhythm guitarist, Aaron Aull ravaged the strings as he drove the band with concise stature.

My Memory Remains Photo Gallery.

My Memory Remains is a young and up-coming band. Judging from their performance it’s easy to say the band has maintained their enthusiasm despite the toil of being on the road. Their show was a energetic journey that made it easy to see why this band is gathering attention. Don’t miss My Memory Remains when they perform. Their fresh approach, music and stage presence is very invigorating! We highly recommend them.

Autumn Burning

Autumn Burning is one of my personal favorites. The band has recently undergone some personnel changes with bassist, Jeff Welch moving to the drum kit. Autumn Burning isn’t some party band looking to just have a good-time. The level of musicianship coupled with their intense focus has always impressed me. Their self-titled debut CD is loaded with great tunes and their upcoming release is a monster!  With those factors guiding the band it’s easy to expect a spectacular night of music.

Autumn Burning delighted the fans with their solid set-list and created quite a stir. Little did I know that drumming was Jeff’s true love and I was truly impressed with his solid grooves, fills and tempo on the percussion. Rhythm Guitarist, Blake Darling blistered the venue with his intricacies and scowling riffs, while lead guitarist, Jared Blazer set the room ablaze with his immaculate fingerings and searing solos. Lead vocalist, Mike Morehouse as he gave us plenty of passion with his vocal ability resonating the tonal scales. A mighty singer indeed for a powerful and calculated band.

Autumn Burning Photo Gallery.

The intellectual capabilities of Autumn Burning are usually reserved for progressive-rock bands instead of metal. But these guys are all about the music and seriously wear it proudly! This performance was another display of brilliance pocketed within the band turning the recent changes into a positive situation. I can’t wait to hear the new CD being available in the coming months. Well done gentlemen!

*Note- My apology to all the bands and fans for the delay in the article. Between my ongoing illness and our busiest month of scheduled concert coverage ever, it has been a challenging time.  I want to thank Erica M. Lenhoff for her continued support, ideas, loyalty and photographic/journalism expertise with The Rust Belt Chronicles! 

– Love, Jim Carver CEO, Founder/The Rust Belt Chronicles


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