"Rokken" Robyn

About "Rokken" Robyn

I am known as “Rokken Robyn“. Rock ‘N Roll fills my soul, and I live and breathe heavy metal. My passions also consist of writing, drawing and tattoos. Life on the road is wild and fun, so I am looking to share those experiences of musicians and bands through interviews.

I began singing at the age of six years-old and now perform in the Dokken cover band, Rokken and Judas Priest tribute band, The Sentinel. My influences have been Def Leppard, Judas Priest, Alice Cooper, and Evanescence. Music runs in my family.

I am excited to write, share and bring the experiences of the world of Rock and Heavy Metal to our readers!

Scorpions & Queensrÿche: Create a Big Bang in Cleveland!

Photos: © 2015 Joe Banker/Joe Banker Photography. German metal heroes, Scorpions returned to Cleveland full of energy and eager to rock the Cleveland audience with their new material.  They opened the show with their song “Going Out with a Bang” off the new album “Return to Forever.”  Klaus Meine’s vocals soared through the crowd and […]

Saxon, Armored Saint, MindMaze & Sunless Sky: Wreck the Agora with Heavy Metal!

All Concert Photos: © 2015 Joe Banker/Joe Banker Photography. Saxon Saxon, the legendary metal band from South Yorkshire, England, who was a profound leader in the NWOBHM movement showed everyone just what they came here to do. They  captivated the audience, staked their claim on Cleveland and the metal world, and deviated from their setlist […]

BUCKCHERRY, Saving Abel, Bad Remedy & Devilstrip Rock the Cleveland Agora!

  Photo: © 2015 Joe Banker/Joe Banker Photography. Buckcherry Buckcherry, a great band from Anaheim, California, visited the Cleveland Agora last Sunday night, and knew just how to please this crowd. I remembered back in 2008, when I saw them open up for Motley Crue at Crue Fest and I knew that they would deliver! […]

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