Logan Downs

About Logan Downs

Hi, my name is Logan Downs and I’m from Southeast, Ohio. I am 16 years old and currently attending High School where I am studying interactive digital arts. In my free time I enjoy reading, editing pictures, and listening to music. I have always loved rock music, but really became interested when I went to my first Seether and 10 Years concert in 2011. Since then I have seen over 50 bands. My preferred music genre is 90’s Alternative and Grunge, like Nirvana. My taste in music is broadening and I appreciate all types of music. I’m very excited to join the staff of the Rust Belt Chronicles.


  Before I tell you about this great new work from the band, Hollis Brown. I just wanna say I am very excited to review my very first CD here at The Rust Belt Chronicles. So to start off I’m gonna tell you the titles of my favorite songs, they are “3 Shots”, “John Wayne”, […]

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