Closure- A New Walk Begins!

  Sometimes, it’s best to cut line and let the fight go. Move on and move forward. Set your sights and ambitions on new goals. Let go of the mental prison and know closure can be a win of itself. Closure gives us the opportunity to reach new boundaries .It’s a winning feeling of exhilaration. […]

The American Dream?

  Here in the Rust Belt, the train left the station a long time ago. I’ve witnessed companies being sold, downsized and relocated. I’ve seen people suffering, foreclosed on their home; families being torn apart and incomes obliterated all because they bought into a dream. The American Dream. I’ve read about CEO’s slowly bleeding companies […]

When to Quit?

  It’s tough when you cannot be creative. Feeling like a dog at the end of its leash; waiting for the owner to pull you back into your limited territory. After a short while you begin to wonder what the point is. Why bother? The ride along the scenic route isn’t enjoyable if you must […]

Keep it Simple!

  One of the weaknesses in the business world is the inability of management to easily identify a problem. Minor situations become overblown by having too many people involved. Often quick solve issues are escalated far beyond the scope of the issue. When management has too much time on their hands, feels insecure or needs […]

Will the Circle be Unbroken?

I was born and raised in the Rust Belt. My parents instilled the notion of working hard and being honest and polite. As I began working, those principles seemed to be the best way to stay out of trouble and keep a job. I spent years believing those basic principles would somehow lead me to […]

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