The Power of Believing in Someone!

While attending a funeral, I spoke with the Pastor prior to the services. We discussed the importance of the power of belief in our fellow man. The value of belief can be unmeasurable and is magnified throughout history in stories of success with life changing results . Here is one example of the powerful lesson […]

Replacing Stress with Success!

Your business and life aren’t as sophisticated as you believe. The inability in keeping situations simple stops you from succeeding. Keep it brief, short and concise!

Gate A is Now Open- Proceed with Choices!

In 1975, I graduated from high school. Back in those days the options available upon graduation were: Attend College Join the Military Get a job (most likely in a factory) . Gatekeepers controlled information and access to everything. Our choices and lives were limited and predictable. The Internet is changing us to a non-permission based […]

Book Review- Quitter: Closing The Gap Between Your Day Job & Dream Job

  I highly recommend- Quitter: Closing The Gap Between Your Day Job & Dream Job written by best-selling author Jon Acuff. Jon was a serial quitter shuffling through eight jobs in eight years. At one point, Jon held a full-time job and travelled the country speaking, often changing clothes in the airport on the way […]

A September to Remember

 September is nearly over. We had initially planned to attend a conference or workshop during September. Our plans backfired due to some unexpected bills and extending my vacation days over Labor Day Weekend to clean the house. Although we missed both of this year’s events, we are already looking forward to next year! I recently […]

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