The Wall of Fear!

  One of the problems in business is the lack of support from management. Management should be a buffer between the frontline of the business to provide support for the employees with the customers. Also, management should be the support of the backline between upper management and employees. Too often in today’s business world a […]

The 12 Steps of a Dysfunctional Business

The System creates the  rules. If you have a question, ask  us. We create rules, but we don’t  discern right from wrong. We are not responsible for enforcing the  rules. If you don’t believe  so, ask us. The enforcement is up to  whoever chooses to follow or interpret.   . Management is always correct and  not […]

Who Builds The Road to Success?

“You can have everything you want in life, if you will just help enough other people get what they want”-Zig Ziglar    I’ve noticed in discussions concerning being successful, one of the obstacles often shared is the attempt to diminish the desire of someone from becoming successful.   It’s a roadblock between taking the leap and doing what […]

The Art of Self-Publishing

    Ever Consider Writing and Self-Publishing?  9/1/2012 Note: I am revisiting and updating my blog from July 2010 on self-publishing to offer some advice from one of my readers. Enjoy! First, consider  learning everything you can about the publishing business.There are many companies who will attempt to  take advantage of your lack of knowledge […]

Does it Matter?

  8/30/2012 So many days, I have questioned if I am making a difference. Is staying awake half the night seeking clarity, thought, and silence to produce art worth it? Is the money spent on books and searching information to improve viewership worth it? Does it matter? The lack of comments within my blogs, often […]

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